Top 10 Best Indian Spinners Of All Time

Indian Spinners are back bone of Indian Bowling from a long time. They have performed in every situation and on every pitch whenever team needed them. This list talks about 10 Best Indian Spinners who has played for National team and brought a lot of success on pitch.

Top 10 Best Indian Spinners Of All Time

1. Anil Kumble

Highest Wicket Taker in Test Cricket for India. Man who took 10 wickets in an innings and won many matches alone. One of the greatest Spinner in world Cricket.
Took 619 Wickets in 132 Test and 337 Wickets in 271 One Day.

2. Bhagwath Chandrasekhar

Will you believe that One of the Best Indian Spinners of all time Bhagwath Chandrasekhar suffered a polio attack in Childhood which weakened hi right arm? Yes Thats True. He turned this misery in to his strength and became one of the most successful bowler of his generation. His medium pace leg spinners were too tough to play and Chandrashekhar still holds Indian record of most wickets in a series – 35.  His 242 Wickets came in 58 matches.

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3. Bishan Singh Bedi

Part of spin quartet of India which also includes legends like Chandrashekhar, Prasanna and Venkataraghavan. Jim Laker had said its a treat to watch Bedi bowl, Trevor Belly called him an artis. He took 263 Wickets in 67 Test matches for India and held the record of most wickets by an Indian Spinner for a long time.

4. Erapalli Prasanna

Prasanna played only 49 Test Matches and took 189 wickets. His first 100 Wickets came in 20 Matches. He was called king of flight by spinners of that generation and cricket commentators.

5. Vinoo Mankad

The hero of India’s first ever test win. He took 8 for 55 and 4 for 53 in that match which inspired the team to taste their first victory ever. With a round arm action and unbelievable control he was India’s leading wicket taker for a very long time. He took 162 Wickets in 44 matches.

6. Harbhajan Singh


First Indian who took a test hat-trick, that too against mighty Australians. For almost a decade he paired up with Anil Kumble and won numerous matches for India. He was a known force in ODI as well.He took 417 Wickets in 103 Test matches and 269 Wickets in 236 ODIs.

7. Subhash Gupte

Gary Sobers about Subhash Gupte – ‘To Me, Gupte was a better bowler than Shane Warne’. Enough to understand the greatness and on field skill of Subhash Gupte who took 149 wickets in 36 Test Matches at a time when Indian fielding was way too poor. He formed first spin pair of India with Vinoo Mankad.

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8. S Venkataraghavan

Took 157 Test Wickets in 57 Matches. Most of the time he fought for his place in team with More successful Prasanna. Still he formed the spin quartet with other three legends. He was among best fielder in team and held the Indian record of best Bowling Figure in an inning for a long time – 8 for 72 against New Zealand.

9. Ravichandran Ashwin

Modern master of Indian cricket who has taken 18 Five Wicket Haul in only 33 Test Matches (As of August 2016). With time Ashwin has proved himself an intelligent bowler, who keeps learning new skills to deceive batsman with his off spin. As of now he has taken 183 Wickets in 33 Test matches and 142 wickets 103 ODI.

10. Dilip Doshi

His 114 Wickets came in 33 Test matches and 22 Wickets in 15 ODIs. Interesting thing about Dilip Doshi is that he debuted in his 30s and is only second bowler to take 100 Test Wickets after such a late debut. The only thing that went against him was Time. He debuted in first class cricket at a time when Spin spin quartet were part of national team and all of them are among Best Indian Spinners of all time.

These are 10 Greatest and Best Indian Spinners who were part of India’s National Cricket team. Most of them achieved these feat at a time when there was not much support and training facilities available. They are true legends of Indian cricket.