2016 10 Largest States In India By Area And Number Of Districts They Have

List of Top 10 Largest States in India in terms of area they covered. Madhya Pradesh lost first position in 2000 while most populated state Uttar Pradesh Is not even in Top Three Biggest States. Also find out number of districts these states have and what is their population after 2016 Census.

Top 10 Largest States In India By Area

1. Rajasthan

Rajasthan is spread in 342,239 KM Sq. Are making it Largest or Biggest State in country. It is nearly equal to the are of Republic of the Congo, an African country.
State has total 33 Districts and its population is 74,791,568 as of 2016 Census.

2. Madhya Pradesh

Second Largest State in India by area is Madhya Pradesh, which covers 308,245 KM Sq. Land. It is equal to the area of Middle Eastern Country Oman.
It has total 51 Districts and population of MP is 72,597,565.

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3. Maharashtra

With 307,713 KM Sq. area and 36 Districts, Maharashtra is third biggest state in India. Its population as of 2016 is 112,372,972.

4. Uttar Pradesh

Most populated state in India is 4th largest in terms of area covered (240,928 Sq KM). UP has highest number of districts in India – 75. Total Population of UP is Total 215,609,813.

5. Jammu and Kashmir

One of the most beautiful states in India J&K covers 222,236 KM Sq. Area making it fifth largest in country. Its total population is 12,541,302 and have 22 Districts as of 2016.

6. Gujarat


Industry Rich and one of the most developed states in India Gujarat covers 196,024 KM Sq Area which is equal to African country Senegal.

7. Karnataka

7th rank is held by Karnataka with total area of 191,791 KM Sq. Originally known as State of Mysore, and formally named Karnataka in 1973. It has 30 Districts and is home for 61,130,704 people in India.

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8. Andhra Pradesh

After Telangana separated from AP in 2013 its size has been reduced to 160,205 KM Sq, still one of the top 10 Largest States in India. After separation it has 13 Districts.

9. Odisha

Eastern State Odisha which is a big source of Minerals in India is spread in 155,707 KM Sq Area. It has 30 Districts and population of 41,947,358.

10. Chhattisgarh

Formed in 2010, it was formed after Madhya Pradesh was divided in two states. Total area covered is 135,191 KM Sq. and have 27 Districts. Area wise it is equal to Greece.

So these are 10 Largest States in India as of 2016. Previously Madhya Pradesh was on first rank but since 2000 Rajasthan holds that position.