10 Worst Lyrics in Bollywood Songs That will Make You Laugh
10 Worst Lyrics in Bollywood Songs That will Make You Laugh

MovList of 10 Worst Lyrics in Bollywood Songs that will definitely make you either Laugh or Cry.These songs are so bad that Censor should have banned films with these lyrics. On one hand Bollywood has produced some of the best songs in the world, we have lyricist like Javed Akhtar, Gulzar sahab, Irshad Kaamil and many old and new great ones. But on the other hand some of the worst Lyrics in Bollywood are also produced which make us feel sick . These Lyrics will make you kill yourself and remove faith from music. Here is the list of those Worst Lyrics in Bollywood, laugh enjoy and share.

All these songs are from mainstream Bollywood movies. If we collect worst lyrics in all B and C Grade Bollywood movies then this article won’t be suitable for all ages 😛

Top 10 Worst Lyrics in Bollywood Movies Ever

1.Bipasha Bipasha Song

Who on their right mind will first write that song and then include it in movie. Anyway like movie song all flopped but still it do make us feel sick when we hear this song.

Movie Jodi Breakers and Lyrics Shabbir Ahmed


2. Aa Khushi se khudkushi kar le

Movie-  Darling and Lyrics by Sameer

Really? Do they even check what they wrote? We don’t think so. And we do suggest that please check it once afterw riting such a song, you will kill yourself.

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3. Mein ladki po po po

The only glitch in Hera Pheri was this song. Director could have done without this song as well. Lyrics will make you laugh.

Movie – Hera Pheri and Lyrics by Sameer

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4. London ki ladki naa naa, Amrican gori naa naa,

DoorDarshan whaa whaa, East or West, India is the Best

We have lots of good patriotic songs, and we can easily live without this ridiculous song.

Movie – Judwaa and Lyrics by Dev Kohli

5. Tera pyar pyar pyar hukka bar

Movie – Khiladi 786 and Lyrics by Himesh Reshammiya.

When our Bollywood will understand that writing is not that easy as they think. We request Himesh Reshammiya to not write any lyrics again. How the hell Pyar can be compared with Hookah bar? If you could find any meaning then do let us know. 😀

6. Su Su Su aa gya mai kya karu

Movie- Taraazu and Lyrics by Sameer

Lets not say anything about this song. Just hear it once and then bang your head and also laugh as much as you can.

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7. Aa ja Aa ja AA Ja AA Ja

Movie – Jaani Dushman and Lyrics by  Sameer

First male solo Aaja Aaja Aaja Aaja then female and then duo. What was that? You call it a song?

8. Telephone dhun me hasne waali

Movie – Hindustani an Lyrics by P K Mishra

Movie was good, music was good, everything else was good but what that lyrics is? I hope that is only translation of original song and A R Rehman did not compose directly for that lyrics.

9. Mai laila Laila Chillauga

Movie – Anari no 1 and Lyrics by Dev Kohli

Govinda has given some weird songs but this lyrics is worst of them all. Kurta phad k, chod chaad k. What is this?

10 Mere Baap ki beti mujhe bhai bolti

Movie – Chal Mere Bhai and Lyrics by Sameer

Sallu bhai can only tell us why he did this song and what is meaning of it.

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