6 Health Myths & Misconceptions

While Having a conversation with some health experts we found out that there are some Health Myths which are being followed by general public religiously. We definitely need to start listening to these experts who actually know more about healthy diets and habit than us. Check these Health misconceptions below.

6 Health Myths You Should Stop Believing

1. Washing Hands With Boiled Water Kill Germs

It’s true that Heat kills germ but for that water needs to be at 212 Degree F in order to kill germs from hands. But the water we use to wash hands is mostly around 100-110 Degree F. So instead of focusing on boiled water you should spend more time in rubbing and cleaning hand with towel.

2. Juice Is Healthy

When you juice a fruit or Vegetable, you remove all their fiber, which is a key ingredient that keeps you full and satisfied. In fact consuming juice results in consuming a high-sugar, low-protein diet which is definitely not good for health in long term perspective.

3. Egg Yolks = Increase in Blood Cholesterol


Nah! That’s not true any more as per new researches which suggests that Cholesterol that we consume through foods don’t have much effect on Blood Cholesterol. So Go ahead and start eating full egg and not only White part. (Unless you are High Cholesterol patient.)

4. You Need To Drink at least 8 Glass Of Water Everyday

This is biggest and most followed Health myth in World. Many Health expert tried to debunk this misconception but failed. The actual source of myth is a 1945 Food and Nutrition Board recommendation which said that 2.5 liter water need to be consumed everyday. People did not follow next sentence which stated “Most of this quantity is contained in prepared foods.”

5. Taking Multivitamin Tablets

Its a kind of habit now especially among youth to take Multivitamin tablet which they think is necessary for better health.
Only one part is true that Vitamin is definitely necessary but those vitamins can be fulfilled through simple daily meal. In fact we get more Vitamin from foods than those pills.

6. Not cracking your knuckles

It was common knowledge that knuckle cracking was not only annoying, but terrible for your joints. Several new studies have upended that idea, however. Some even suggest that it might serve as a good indicator that a joint is well-lubricated.

We hope you are relaxed now because most of these Health myths are annoying to follow. Instead of thinking about these misconceptions you should focus on a better health insurance plan, which is a must considering the hectic lifestyles and work schedules in today’s time. Check Health Insurance Plans By Cigna TTK  and choose a cover which best matches your needs and preferences.