Top 10 Best Android Racing Games In India For Smartphones - Most Popular Racing Games 2017

Do you love fast paced races on motorbikes or cars? Try these fantastic and best Android Racing Games in India for Smartphones. Most popular ones in the year 2017.

Racing games are certainly one of the most downloaded game categories on Google play store. Even before the smartphone era, we all were a fan of games like Need For Speed. Now we get the same fun and entertainment on our phones. Here are our favorite ten best Android racing games in India for smartphones in 2017. Most downloaded, top rated games.

Top 10 Best Android Racing Games In India For Smartphones in 2017

1. Moto Rider

Moto Rider is a racing game and best for the fast paced race lovers. You need to control the Moto with speed in the traffic times. There are lots of bikes to purchase, and the best bike will be able to beat the other in racing. You can upgrade the bike with coins that are earned with time.
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2. Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer is again an exciting racing game. It gives a great gaming experience retaining the simplicity and old school fun. There are many levels and god graphics in the game. Ride the bike in the traffic and on highways. It has first person camera view. You can choose from 26 motorbikes.
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3. Asphalt 8 Airborne

One of our favorite one in this list of best Android racing games in India. Asphalt 8 Airborne is a game which includes some of the best cars in the race. There are stunning graphics in this game. The interaction between the tracks and cars is the physics-based experience.
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4. Hot Wheels

All that you love about hot wheels has been caught in hot wheels race off. You can race more than 25 hot wheel cars in 50 plus racing tracks. There are loops, jumps, boosters and you can also upgrade your hot wheel.
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5. Hill climb


Hill climb is the entertaining and addictive game which is physics based. You will be meeting Newton bill a young uphill racer which embarks on a journey. You face the challenges with different cars. With the help of daring tracks, bonuses can be gained. There are more than 27 levels and more than 28 vehicles.
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6. Turbo racing car

The turbo racing car is one of the endless racing game. Driving at highest speed, drive without any worries, race at highway and asphalt. It is free to play and has turbo car with fast speed. The tracks are amazing and breathtaking visuals are also included.
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7. Mountain climb

Mountain climb 4X4 is a racing game which has realistic stimulation. You need to climb by overcoming the obstacles on the road. You need to reach the hill by collecting the coins on the way and complete the stages successfully.
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8. Bike Attack Racing

It is a top rated Bike racing game on Google Play. This is a unique and realistic bike attack racing which has astounding fast motors.  You have to daringly and passively compete with the other bikes performing the stunts with the heavy bike.
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9. Racing On Bike Free

The racing on bike free is the best stunt game. Tighten the seat belt and don’t care about the speed, pass the challenging level. It has realistic game sounds and simulator like controls. The game environment is dangerous hilly.
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10. Rush kart racing

The rush kart racing is the game for those who like karts. The competitions start on the road, and then it goes off road. The off the road is the rally mode.  You will be competing with five rivals, and you need to beat at least 3 to reach next level.
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Do you agree with this list of 10 best Android racing games in India? Go ahead and share this list with other crazy fans of race-based games. Whether it is bike race, car race or airplane race, we enjoy these type of games. These are top rated, most popular and most downloaded games in their category.