Top 10 Best Bhangra Songs - Most Popular Tracks Music Songs 2017
Top 10 Best Bhangra Songs - Most Popular Tracks Music Songs 2017

Searching for best Bhangra Songs as of 2017? Here is our pick of most trending Bhangra Songs from movies & albums.

When it comes to something Punjabi, Bhangra is a must; it makes us forget literally about anything when a dhol and couple of people shake it off to a beat. It is a perfect combination to dance off. Bhangra is a particular type of dance that rises from Punjabi areas a sort of a traditional way to express happiness and what else can fit nicely on a bhangra if there is a nice fitting song going in the background. Here is a list of Top 10 Bhangra Songs which you might love to remember forever.

Top 10 Best Folk Songs As Of 2017

Top 10 Best Bhangra Songs

1. Patiala Peg

And last but not least to give you the best Punjabi party dance song according to us which must be on the playlist.

2. Laden

Jassi Gill again from the same album, as mentioned earlier.

3. Bapu Zimedar


This track from Jassi Gill’s Reply is one hell of a treat for the ears.

4. Gabru

J Star’s song Gabru was widely downloaded after its launch and is still being played in a lot of Punjabi parties.

5. Much Te Mashook

Amrit Maan, on the other hand, gave one of the hip-hop-ish singles so that you can keep on dancing.

6. Rooftop Party

Amar Sandhu and Mickey Singh made a song for all of the parties taking place on the rooftop.

7. Blue Eyes

Once again Honey Singh proving that he can make lots and lots of songs that will make you dance.

8. Brown Rang

Another song from Honey Singh which can be a dedication to any of the brown girl in the crowd.

9. Jaguar

This is yet another song that is going to concentrate on making you dance it all out. Most importantly Bohemia is in there.

10. Bebo

Let’s start up the list by giving you a track by one of the most noticeable and famous Punjabi musicians right now, Honey Singh.

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