Top 10 Best Cricket Commentators 2017 - Most Popular English Commentators From All Over The World

Searching about Top 10 Best Cricket Commentators? Here is the list of most popular and experienced commentators of cricket matches from all over the world.

Cricket is a game that is followed closely by fans all around the world. In the top 3 Asian countries comprising of India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, the game is considered more as sort of religion. Apart from players, cricket commentators are also an integral part of the match and should be given their due credit.

It is because of them; fans enjoy watching the game sitting at home. You would certainly not want to watch a match that is played ball by ball, with no discussion or banter happening. We have listed some of our top 10 best cricket commentators who have played for their country at a particular point of the time in their career.

Top 10 Best Cricket Commentators In World

1. Mark Nicholas

Though Mark Nicholas never played cricket for his country England, he was a talented player and experienced individual. Probably destiny had other plans for him. Mark Nicholas has a very deep voice that helps him describe the game beautifully. His knowledge of game and style of expressing events is unmatchable.

2. Tony Greig

Never afraid to express his opinion, Tony Greig was one of those few men who learned the art of commentating. His golden voice was another factor he is considered as one of the best Cricket commentators of all time.

3. Ravi Shastri

If you need somebody to motivate you, then Ravi Shastri is your go-to man. He Never hesitates from expressing himself; he seems to keep getting better and use an authoritative tone when commentating discussing different situations during a game.

4. Shane Warne


Known for his aggressive stance when he played cricket, his commentary is as good as his playing skills, especially when he describes about bowling team and their plans.

5. Geoffrey Boycott

Geoffrey Boycott probably gave cricket commentary a new angle with his unique accent. Mr. Boycott was a very famous and talented cricketer, and he talks about various aspects of the game.

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6. Micheal Holding

With a typical West Indian accent, Micheal Holding gives diversity during commentary even in games West Indies don’t play.

7. Wasim Akram

Batsmen are afraid of yorkers, and Wasim Akram has sent many of them crashing onto the stumps. His commentating in English as well as Hindi is a joy to listen.

8. Dean Jones

Dean Jones was known to be a ferocious batsman during his heydays and is doing an excellent job with the mike too during the commentary.

9. David Lloyd

David Lloyd a former England player and former coach, who likes to quip in some funny jokes and incidents when commentating especially during Test matches which usually bore TV viewers, but he makes it interesting in his own way.

10. Sourav Ganguly

Bengal Tiger or Dada is known for his knowledge about cricket and the way he analyzes a game makes you understand the situation in a perfect way. He rarely talks anything about Cricket while a match is going on. He is quick witted which brings some laughing moment as well.

Commentators are doing a fantastic job for the game of cricket. Without their golden voices and to the point analysis TV audience won’t understand every aspect of the ongoing game. We have picked these 10 former Cricketers and analysts as Best Cricket Commentators as of 2016.
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