Top 10 Best Economy Rates In IPL As Of 2017 - Most Economical Bowlers in Indian Premier League

Do you know who are most economical bowlers in IPL, from 2008 to 2018? Here is the list, which may change soon as Season 11 of Indian Premier League is in progress and top bowlers are back on the field to show their strength by giving least possible runs in their quota of four overs. Here is the ranking of Top 10 Bowlers with Best economy rates in IPL as of Season 2018.

Bowling in a T20 contest is not every bowler’s cup of tea. In this format, an economical bowler is equally important as a wicket taking one. Wicket taking is necessary, but not conceding too many runs is important as well. So here’s the list of the top 10 bowlers with best economy rates in IPL as of Season ten.

Top 10 Bowlers With Best Economy Rates In IPL

As you go through the list, you will find that spin is the most effective option in IPL when it comes to reducing flow of runs.
Another interesting conclusion we can draw is that experienced international bowlers leads this chart, occupying 9 out of 10 places.

Best Economy Rate In IPL History 2008-2018

SP Narine82320.5220316.339521.3720.261
R Ashwin111381.4424996.5410024.9922.910
A Kumble42160.5110586.574523.5121.421
M Muralitharan66254116966.676326.9224.100
DW Steyn90343723066.729225.0622.300
DL Vettori34129.308796.782831.3927.700
SL Malinga110426.2829286.8615419.0116.641
J Botha34115.408006.91253227.700
Harbhajan Singh136486.3533856.9512726.6522.911
R Sharma44154.4110867.024027.1523.200
B Kumar90330.1623397.0811121.0717.821
S Nadeem55185.5213197.093735.6430.100
Shakib Al Hasan43153.3111017.174325.621.400
Iqbal Abdulla49153.2111097.234027.722300
M Kartik56191.4113887.243144.773700
JP Duminy7711007987.252334.6928.610
SK Warne55199114477.275725.3820.910
DP Nannes29107.317857.32828.032300
PP Ojha92316.3123327.368926.221.300
Yuvraj Singh120142.5010547.373629.2723.820
SK Raina161150.2011127.392544.483600
R Bhatia95272.4120207.47128.452310
YK Pathan149188.1113937.44133.9727.500
A Mishra126439.5532617.4113424.3319.631
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These Bowlers make sure that opposition don’t run away with the match by scoring quick runs. They remained consistent with their economical bowling and have best economy rates in IPL as of 2018.