Top 10 Best Garba Songs - Most Popular Tracks For Dandiya 2017
Top 10 Best Garba Songs - Most Popular Tracks For Dandiya 2017

Searching for best Garba Songs as of 2017? Here is our pick of most trending Dandiya Songs from Hindi movies and albums.

Garba is special, and it is not complete unless there is a perfect music going on at the backend. Thus came up with the songs that are perfect for the moment and have the beats that can make anyone swirl around in joy and cherish. We have given our time to compile a total of 10 Best Garba songs which you can play in for dandiya.

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Top 10 Best Garba Songs

1. Main Ne Paayal

On top of all of the songs which you might have guessed or would’ve been waiting to appear in the list.

2. Paree Hoon Main

Suneeta Rao again with her voice and typical singing style.

3. Mujhe Rang De


Asha Bhosle on the vocals, Tabu and Ajay Devgn in the video. Nothing can get better than that.

4. Kesariya

Suneeta Rao, on the other hand, gave another one of the songs that are played so widely you must have heard this one as well.

5. Deewane to Deewane Hain

Shweta gave her powerful voice, unbeaten vocal notes and a touch of fun in this song beautifully.

6. Dholna

Rangeelo Maro Dholna! Said in an excellent voice, this song is going to serve the purpose just like any else in the list.

7. Dholi Taro Dhol Baje

This is one song that makes one wonder if it was made specifically for the occasion or only to fit in the award winning movie.

8. Nagada Sang Dhol

You might have missed anything but not this song you must have heard it somewhere or seen Deepika with a dhol. That’s it.

9. Shubhaarambh

Obviously, it is a shubhaarambh then why not play a song that is named the same way as well?

10. Chudi

Falguni Pathak came to a bank and made a clear difference with all of her songs in a short period.

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