Top 10 Best Ghalib Songs As Of 2017 - Most Popular Tracks Music
Top 10 Best Ghalib Songs As Of 2017 - Most Popular Tracks Music

Searching for best Ghalib Songs as of 2017? Here is our pick of most trending Ghalib Songs from Hindi movies.

Mirza Ghalib is a star that will never fade. His extraordinary contributions to Urdu poetry has often been portrayed remarkably by different singers. Ghalib was one of the greatest poets on the planet, and indeed a winner and his poetry were indescribably profound. Here we have brought you a list of top 10 best Ghalib Songs. 

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Top 10 Best Ghalib Songs

1. Dil – E – Nadan Tujhe

Another outstanding performance by melodious Chitra Singh is “Dil-e-nadan Tujhe.”

2. Yeh Na Thi Hamari Kismat

This ghazal is a timeless creation. Chitra Singh’s vocals did full justice to the poetry and made it unforgettable.

3. Unke Dekhe Se


Mirza Ghalib was a genius; his poetry is indescribably deep. From music to vocals, everything is amazing.

4. Naksh Rariyaadi Hai Kiski

Those who like Ghazals, this one is a MUST LISTEN. Hats off to Jagjit Singh for giving soul to this ghazal.

5. Zulmat Kade Mein Mere

This ghazal with Jagjit’s vocals retakes you to the Delhi of 1800’s.

6. Woh Firaaq Aur Woh Visaal Kahan

The words, the rhythm, the poetry in this ghazal is amazing.

7. Phir Kuch Ek Dil Ko Beqrari Hai

Another beautifully written ghazal by Ghalib with Jagjit Singh’s vocals created magic.

8. Hazaron Khuwaishein Aisi

Sung by Jagjit Singh and Pooh, “Hazaron Khuwaishein Aisi” is a mind blowing ghazal that is an excellent example of how tremendous Ghalib’s poetry was.

9. Lai Hayat Aye Qazal – E – Chali Chal

What another beautiful ghazal by Ghalib sang by Bhupinder Singh is “Lai Hayat Aye Qazal – E – Chali Chal,” which is a must listen for ghazal lovers.

10. Ya Mujhe Afsare Sahi

This beautiful Ghazal was sung by Bhupinder Singh and was pictured on Naseeruddin Shah, whose outstanding facial expressions made him look like the real life Mirza Ghalib.

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