Top 10 Best Hockey Players In India - Greatest Indian Hockey Players Of All Time

Who are the greatest and best Hockey Players in India? List/Rank of Top 10 Most popular and talented Indian hockey players who played for the nation.

Hockey is considered to be the India’s national sport. Although cricket is seen as the mainstream game of the country, hockey does enjoy good popularity. Furthermore, movies like Chak De India have promoted this game, and steps are being taken for motivating new players to enter the arena. In recent time India has achieved a lot of success which includes winning Asian Championship. In last many years, India has successfully groomed talented hockey players, and this list is about 10 of all time greatest and best hockey players in India.

Top 10 Best Hockey Players In India

1. Dhyan Chand

Major Dhyan Chand is considered as world’s greatest hockey player. He enjoyed a remarkable record in Indian hockey history and considered to be among the best hockey players. ‘The Wizard’ was the name given to him due to his control and skills over the ball.

2. Balbir Singh Sr.

He is regarded to be a fabulous center forward and the second Indian player to represent the country winning gold medals at three consecutive Olympics. He also made the maximum goals over Netherlands in 1952 Olympic Games, which is still unbeaten.

3. Mohammed Shahid

He is popular for his excellent dribbling skills. In 1980-81 he has been awarded the Arjuna Award and 1986 with the Padma Shri Award. He formed an excellent partnership with Zafar Iqbal.

4. Dhanraj Pillay

This hockey player is regarded as one of the world’s best forwards in modern hockey. He is popular for dribbling skills, which was fast enough to pierce across any defense at any point.

5. Ajit Pal Singh


He is regarded to be an outstanding center half during his time. He also is credited with leading the country to a historic win at the 1975 Kuala Lumpur world cup tournament. He was presented in 1970 with the Arjuna Award and in 1992 with Padma Shri Award.

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6. Udham Singh

He is well as the Indian team’s pillar and among the finest players to be produced. He represented the country in 4 Olympic Games and the 2nd Indian player to win 3 golds and 1 silver medal at the Olympic Games after Leslie Claudius.

7. Gagan Ajit Singh

He is Ajit Singh, the legendary hockey player’s son and is regarded to be an effective striker. In 2001, the Indian junior team won the Jr. World Cup and in 2002 he was given the Arjuna Award.

8. Ashok Kumar

The son of Dhyan Chand was a legendary hockey player himself. He had exceptional skills along with incredible ball control. He represented the country in four World Cups.

9. Leslie Claudius

He is regarded to be a beautiful halfback legendary player and served the country four times.

10. Baboo Nimal

He played in fullback position and was a member of the Indian team playing the Summer Olympics in 1936, winning Gold medal.

Most of these Best Hockey players in India belongs to those golden days when India used to rule world hockey. They are among greatest athletes India have seen.
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