Top 10 Best Indian Bowlers In IPL 2017 - Highest Wicket Takers In All Seasons Of Indian Premier League

Do you know which Indian bowler has taken most wickets in Indian Premier League from 2008-2018? Based on the performances of all bowlers in all ten seasons of IPL, we have picked 10 best Indian bowlers in IPL as of 2018.

T20 is a game of batsmen, but ultimately it is four crucial overs of a bowler who can change the game. Indian Premier League is now in its tenth season, and it is pretty tough competition for a bowler, especially on batsman-friendly pitches. Out of so many bowlers, these 10 are highest wicket takers and made it into our list of Best Indian Bowlers in IPL as of season 11, 2018. This list is based on most wickets taken by an Indian bowler including all the seasons of IPL

Top 10 Best Indian Bowlers In IPL 2008-2018 (Highest Wicket Takers)

IPL has been proved as the best learning platform for Indian bowlers. India’s death bowling got better and better after every season of Indian Premier League, be it fast bowlers or Spinners. Here in this list of best Indian Bowlers in IPL history as well, the honor has been shared equally between fast bowlers and spinners.

A Mishra126439.532611345/1724.337.4131
Harbhajan Singh136486.333851275/1826.656.9511
PP Chawla129427.132611264/1725.887.6320
B Kumar90330.123391115/1921.077.0821
A Nehra8831824951064/1023.537.8410
R Vinay Kumar103349.429011034/4028.168.2910
Z Khan100366.427821024/1727.277.5810
R Ashwin111381.424991004/3424.996.5410
UT Yadav94322.22707914/2429.748.3920
RP Singh82295.52338904/2225.977.920
P Kumar119420.43251903/1836.127.7200
PP Ojha92316.32332893/1126.27.3600
MM Sharma75255.42076834/1425.018.1110
RA Jadeja138320.52506825/1630.567.8131
IK Pathan103340.32649803/2433.117.7700
DS Kulkarni722361881764/1424.757.9710
L Balaji73252.12028765/2426.688.0431
MM Patel63225.51698745/2122.947.5121
Sandeep Sharma56204.11587714/2022.357.7720
R Bhatia95272.42020714/1528.457.410
YS Chahal56198.31569704/2522.417.910
AB Dinda78252.42073694/1830.048.210
SK Trivedi762511904654/2529.297.5810
AR Patel59208.31547584/2126.677.4110
I Sharma76271.52229585/1238.438.1901
JD Unadkat47163.21308565/2523.35802
KV Sharma56172.21323494/16277.6720
SB Jakati59180.51451474/2230.878.0220
JJ Bumrah471731401463/730.458.0900
S Aravind38126.41039454/1423.088.220
A Kumble42160.51058455/523.516.5721
YK Pathan149188.11393413/2033.977.400
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Most of them will be part of Indian Premier League season 10, which will give them a chance to increase their ranking in this list of Best Indian bowlers in IPL.