Top 10 Best Mahesh Babu Movies Of All Time - Most Popular Telugu Films Ranked From 1 To 10

Are you a fan of Mahesh Babu? We have ranked 10 of the best Mahesh Babu Movies of all time, as of 2016. Most popular films of Mahesh Babu, which was appreciated by his fans, audience, and critics.

Mahesh Babu is one of the leading actors in Telugu Cinema. He is known all over the country for his versatility. He is also one of the most expensive actors in Telugu industry. We have shortlisted Top 10 films of this fantastic actor. These are our pick of 10 Best Mahesh Babu Movies, but we are sure you will agree with this list.

Top 10 Best Mahesh Babu Movies

1. Nenokkadine

Many people consider it as one of the best ever thriller films made in India. It revolves around the struggle of an Indian rock star whose 25 percent brain is missing, and he believes that three men murdered his parents. So he takes a journey to seek his revenge. Mahesh Babu stole the show with his class act.

2. Srimanthdu

The Story of the movie is about a rich kid who adopts his father’s village to bring change and improve the standards of living.

3. Seethama Vakitlo Sirimalle Chetu

One of the best family movies you just can’t miss. The story of the film is about a joint family. It revolves around some issues in between the family and inner politics.

4. Murari

Another excellent thriller, Murari revolves around a cursed family whose member gets killed every forty-eight years. So, to save a member from dying, the grandmother makes a huge sacrifice. Mahesh Babu, as usual, was a perfect fit for the role and his performance was one of the highlights of Murari.

5. Khaleja


Another Mahesh Babu film, which became a huge blockbuster. Khaleja revolves around the village of Pali in which people are dying because of unknown cause.

6. Dookudu

Dookudu is one of the highest grossing Telugu Films. Mahesh Babu again showed his class by doing choosing versatile role. The story of the movie revolves around the adventures of police officer Ajay (Mahesh Babu).

7. Athidhi

Apart from his versatility Mahesh Babu is known for his choice of scripts. Another unique plot, the story of the film revolves around a couple who adopts an orphan, the family gets murdered by a psychopath; the orphan son then decides to take his revenge.

8. Raja Kumarudu

The first film as a hero for Mahesh Babu and he was cast opposite Preity Zinta, who also It’s a love story, which touched many hearts because of its simplicity. It was a superhit at the box office.

9. Naani

One of the many blockbusters of Mahesh Babu. The film features Mahesh Babu opposite Amisha Patel. Naani (Mahesh Babu) is a man who is physically young but mentally a child. It is a thriller, which appreciated throughout the country.

10. Arjun

Arjun is a complete family package. It has everything, action, love, romance. Though calling it, a love story is most appropriate. Mahesh Babu received the Nandi Special Jury Award for this movie.

Mahesh Babu is one of the finest Telugu actors with a huge fan following. He is a famous face of Indian film industry. This list was our pick of 10 Best Mahesh Babu Movies, as of 2016.
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