Top 5 Best Male Wrestlers In India 2017 - Most Popular & Successful Indian Wrestling Players

Looking for Best Male Wrestlers in India as of 2017? Here is our pick of Indian wrestling superstars who has achieved a lot and became popular and successful in ‘Akhada.’

In India, wrestling is well-known as Malla-Yuddha! It is an ancient sport that carries lots of significance and untold morals. Wrestling demands for physical exercises and high fitness levels. It has evolved drastically over the past few years and is yet to keep changing. This list is about Most popular and best male wrestlers in India 2017. They have made India proud on the international arena and have won medals in Olympics as well.

Top 5 Best Male Wrestlers In India 2017

1. Udey Chand

Udey Chand was India’s first individual world championship medal winner. He participated at the 1961 World Wrestling Championships that was held in Yokohama. He won bronze under the lightweight – 67kg category. Moving on, Udey Chand won two silvers at the Jakarta Asian Games in 1962. He won for both Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling matches. In 1961, he was the country’s first person to receive the Arjuna Award. This makes Udey Chand one of the greatest wrestlers India has ever seen.

2. Jatindra Charan Goho

When it comes to wrestling in India, the talk will remain incomplete without Jatindra Charan Goho. He is a well-known wrestler with unique styles and traits. He was the first Asian to win a medal at the World Light Heavyweight Championship matches that were held in the United States (1921). His victories are numerous and very interesting! He has recorded wins against some of the world’s biggest wrestlers. This includes matches against Jimmy Esson, who was considered as “Scotch Giant.” Goho is believed to develop his very own wrestling techniques. This includes wrestling holds like pat, dhonka, kulla, tibbi, tang, and gadhanet.

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3. K D Jadhav

K.D. Jadhav was the first Indian to score a medal in wrestling at the Olympics. He received a bronze medal during the Helsinki Olympics 1952. This medal gave him a foot above all other wrestlers in the nation. In the London Olympics 1948, KD Jadhav missed a close medal and was ranked 6th. He received the Arjuna Award in 2001.

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4. Yogeshwar Dutt

Currently, Yogeshwar Dutt is deemed as one of the finest wrestlers in the planet. He started his journey into wrestling at a ripe age of 8. He has won several medals at the Commonwealth Wrestling Championships. His best efforts were seen in the Asian Games. He won a bronze medal at London Olympics 2012.

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5. Sushil Kumar


One of the finest male wrestlers in India would be Sushil Kumar. He won bronze at the Beijing Olympics 2008. Later he went on to earn a silver medal at 2010 London Olympics and became first Indian to win two individual medals at Olympics.  He has won gold twice at the Commonwealth Games (2010 and 2014). Sushil Kumar is considered as one of the greatest athletes of India of all time.

These five names are greatest and most famous names in Indian Wrestling arena. They are 5 Best Male Wrestlers in India 2017 who made us proud on multiple occasions.