Top 10 Best Marathi Songs - Most Popular Tracks Music Songs 2017
Top 10 Best Marathi Songs - Most Popular Tracks Music Songs 2017

Searching for best Marathi Songs as of 2017? Here is our pick of most trending Marathi Songs from Marathi movies & albums.

Are you looking for quality songs? Looking for something that can really make you feel good and especially if it is in Marathi. Songs that can really cheer you up and can keep you up to the trends. Here is the list of the top 10 Marathi songs of the year 2017 which are going to be no less than a treat.

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Top 10 Best Marathi Songs

1. Aga Aik Na

On top of the list comes this song from Muramba that has a lovely rhythm and composition.

2. Tujhya Vina O Yara

Last but not least this song from the movie that clearly has dominated our top 10 list must be in your playlist.

3. Gacchi


You can definitely get the feeling of Salman Khan from this song and it is one of the special things about it.

4. Halad Lagali

Halad Lagali is going to serve you the best on any wedding as it is a perfect song for the occasion.

5. Girlfriend

Sung by Vishal Mishra and composed by Samir Saptiskar, Girlfriend is another one of the leading songs of the year.

6. Uff Tuza Ha Jalwa

Once again, Friendship Unlimited’s song which is going to make you dance it off all around.

7. Jara Jara

This song is sung by Hrishikesh Ranade & Aarya Ambekar and it is from Ti Saddhya Kay Karte.

8. Veer Marathe

Shreyash Jadhav presented one of the amazing Marathi songs of the year from the movie Veer Marathe.

9. F.U. Title Track

Friendship Unlimited truly ruled the year this time with their exceptionally good songs and the title track of the movie was one of them as well.

10. Ka Watt Te Saare Nave

Vishal Mishra actually raced it up on top with his songs and especially with this one from Friendship Unlimited.

Don’t forget to add all of these best Marathi Songs as of 2017 to your playlist. Perfect songs for parties and dance. Share it on Facebook & WhatsApp group.