Top 10 Best Museums In India 2017: Most Popular Natural Science Art Or Historical Museum To Visit In India

If you are interested in art and history then you should visit all of the amazing and probably the best museums in India 2017. Whether you are Foreign tourist or Indian, you must check these amazing places once.

India is a captivating country of rich historical past, traditions, culture and architectural beauty. Being embellished with historical monuments, it incorporates a splendid past of British and Mughals which speak of the history. From art to history a look at 10 of the best museums in India for Indian and foreign tourists.

Top 10 Best Museums In India 2017

1. National Museum

It is one among the largest museums in India and it was established in 1949, Delhi. It houses plenty of hostoric collections like manuscripts, decorative arts, armors, painting and jewelry. You can even find a head of Buddha statue.

2. Indian Museum

Established in 1814, Kolkata. It incorporates a different collection of ornaments, Mughals paintings, skeletons and armors. It has 6 sectors incorporating 5 galleries of scientific and creative work of arts which is art, economic beauty, geology and archaeology.

3. Government Museum Chennai

Also known as Madras Museum. It was established in 1815 and displays unique varieties pertaining related to botany, anthropology and zoology and Geology. It also manifest the major south Indian times enveloping Vijaynagar, Chola and Chaulkayas.

4. Princes of Wales Museum

Located in Mumbai, it was established in the beginning of 20th century. It incorporates 3 major sections like art section, natural history section and archeology section.

5. Shankar’s International Dolls Museum


Manifesting the greatest collection of dolls from far and wide in Delhi. It has 2 sections manifesting around 160 glass cases form different countries, along with the dolls manifesting unique countries.

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6. Salar Jung Museum

Art Museum located in Hyderabad. It incorporates the collections of carvings, clocks, metallic artifacts, textiles and paintings from several countries like India, Burma, and Europe etc

7. National Rail Museum

It has huge gatherings of about 100 genuine size displays of Indian Railways. It is located in Chankyapuri. You can find a toy train which bestows rides of the site on regular basis. For its uniqueness, it is defnitely one of the best museums in India.

8. Calico Museum

It was established in 1949, Hyderabad. It incorporates gathering of fabrics; one will surely be attracted by the outstanding work of art manifested at this Museum.

9. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

It was established in 1872 and it manifests decorative art gatherings of 19th A few collections incorporate costumes, maps, clay models and historical photographs.

10. Napier Museum

It was built in 19th century, Kerala. It houses a huge collection of historic airfacts like bronze idols of goddess and gods, Kerala chariots, musical instruments and Kathakali puppets models.

 Indian art and history is famous worldwide and these 10 are probably the places to visit for a foreign or Indian tourists to actually witness the glorious past of the country. Like and share this list of 10 best Museums in India 2017 for art and history.