Top 10 Best Romantic English Songs 2017 - Popular Love Songs Of The Year

Are you searching for romantic love tracks? Listen to most popular and best Romantic English Songs 2017.

Love songs soothe your soul and calm your mind. Melodious Romantic tracks are one of the most popular music genres in the world. Here is the latest and updated list of Top 10 Best Romantic English Songs 2017 which you can listen to again and again without getting bored.

Top 10 Best Romantic English Songs 2017

1. The 1975 – By Your Side

The 1975 revealed a fragile front of Sade’s 2000 track “Close by.” The lyrics reveal a man obsessed with fragility and fear. This melodious song makes it to our list of top 10 Best Romantic English Songs of the year.

2. Eyes closed

In her debut song “Eyes Closed,” Halsey belts out one of her most deep vocal exhibitions on the track, co-penned by The Weekend, whose style is visible throughout the song.

3. Slow Hands


Niall Horan released his much anticipated second solo singer who took over Itunes and Social Media immediately. Niall Horan surprised his audience with this smooth and sexy song.

4. Hopeless Romantic

“Hopeless Romantic” has an imperatively cool finish notwithstanding a strong structure of tunes. It goes ahead so easily; it’s not entirely obvious how the melodies rapidly sink into the subliminal.

5. Sign of The Times

Harry Styles “Sign of The Time” is pompous and overblown and his fans love it. It rides a similar three chords for its whole length; it has a theme that is precisely the same as its verse, however, louder. The song is intense but has a joyful appeal.

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6. Liability

“Liability” is the advance track by Lorde which is experimental and innovative. Also, it is an exceedingly emotional song as well.

7. Still Feel Like Your Man

“Still Feel Like Your Man” is a melodious emotional, romantic song, sung by John Mayer. It’s 7th on our list, but you can argue that it is the best emotional love track you have heard this year in 2017.

8. How Would You Feel

Shape Of You is not the only popular song of Ed Sheeran in 2017. This Mind blowing song by British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has fantastic sentimental lyrics and unimaginative music and has received a lot of praise from music critics and fans.

9. Only You

Selena Gomez covered this soundtrack for NetFlix series “13 Reasons Why”. It is a very emotional love song with amazing music and outstanding lyrics.

10. The Cure

“The Cure,” marks Gaga’s re-entry into the world of flashy dance-pop. “The Cure” ranks among the catchiest, most immediate, and thankfully least self-serious songs she’s put out in recent years. It’s simply fun.

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