Top 10 Best Schools In Bhopal 2016-17 Which Are Affiliated To CBSE - Most Popular Schools

Are you searching for Best Schools In Bhopal? This quick guide will help every parent and students to find most suitable CBSE school in the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

Bhopal is emerging as a destination for education, and there are several reputed schools, technical institutes, professional training centers and degree colleges offering students the chance to improve their knowledge and enjoy a well-organized learning platform. Numerous CBSE schools are present in Bhopal, which boasts of having well-equipped classrooms, world-class education quality, and experienced faculty. Check our guide of Top 10 best Schools In Bhopal for 2016-17 which are affiliated to CBSE.

Top 10 Best Schools In Bhopal 2016-17 Affiliated To CBSE

1. Maharishi Vidya Mandir

It was in 1991 that this school was established at Bhopal-Hoshangabad Road, at Ratanpur. This school is part of the Maharishi Global Education and boasts of providing the students with ample facilities.

2. Delhi Public School

It was in 2012 that this school was established at Kolar Road and is said to strive for providing students with excellence in education. It has earned the name of ‘The Dream School’. DPS is famous for focus on all activities like Sports, Academic, Extra Curricular, etc.

3. Bal Bhawan School

In 1975 Bal Bhawan School was established, and its founder is Mrs. Champa Ramakrishnan. The school’s motto is ‘Knowledge Ennobles & Character Endure.’ It strives towards a psychological and emotional development of students.

4. Carmel Convent Girls Sr. Sec. School

It was in 1985 that it got established and is an entire Girls school offering English medium education. It is one of the most famous all-girl school in India.

5. World Way International School


This co-educational school was established in 2004, and its campus covers an area of 10 acres. It is the first school to have smart classroom facility introduced in the city for making teaching and learning process quite interactive and exciting.

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6. Sagar Public School

This school got established in 2001, and it was the honorable Madhya Pradesh Governor, Dr. Bhai Mahavir, who had inaugurated it. Students are prepared to meet future challenges in their career. They have a consistent academic record which their biggest USP.

7. Vindhyachal Academy

Vindhyachal Academy also ranks among Top 10 Best Schools in Bhopal. It was in 2004 that this school got inaugurated. Different skills are taught to the students related to developing their artistic and physical abilities.

8. Orion International School

It was in 2004 that this co-educational school got established. Its aim is to nurture humanity by providing value based academic excellence and personality development.

9. Campion School

Campion is one of the oldest school in Bhopal. It was established in 1965 and conducted by the Jesus Society members known as Jesuits. Being among the oldest schools in the city, it is an all boy’s school.

10. Joseph’s Convent

It is a senior secondary school popularly called the City School that offers its students with super quality education and among the most sought after girls’ school.

Most of these schools are best for Primary, Secondary and High school education in Bhopal. Ranking of Top 10 Best Schools in Bhopal has been derived from various Educational Websites, Magazines, Feedback from Students and teachers on Online Platforms and Social Media sites, Infrastructure, Academic Result, Sports Culture and availability and qualification of Teachers and management.
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