Top 10 Best Schools In Hyderabad 2016 - Most Popular School Affiliated To CBSE

Here is a list of Top 10 Best Schools in Hyderabad for 2016-17 which are affiliated to CBSE. Hyderabad is presently considered to be an important education hub in South India, providing best possible education to Thousands of Students coming from all part of the country. There are several CBSE schools that promises to offer top quality education. Selecting the best can help Parents and Students choose which school they want to approach first to derive the best education.

Ranking of Top 10 Best Schools in Hyderabad has been derived from various Educational websites, Magazines, Feedback from Students and teachers on Online Platforms and Social Media websites, Infrastructure, Academic Result, Sports Culture and availability and qualification of Teachers and management.

Top 10 Best Schools In Hyderabad 2016-17 Affiliated To CBSE

1. DPS Hyderabad

The highlights of Delhi Public School, is in providing students with good exposure to extracurricular activities and sports, combined with interDPS tournaments. Their academic record has been consistent since last few years.

2. Kennedy High Global School

Although a new school, it has been able to earn reputation of being among the best CBSE schools here. It was awarded in 2015, the Best Indian School. It offers the best boarding, residential, dining facilities.

3. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Rajendra Nagar

Students are evaluated based upon their exam projects as well as tests conducted in every semester. Besides, students are also encouraged to participate in activities like guides, scouts, NSS, NCC, etc.

4. Roots Montessori School

It is located in Banjara Hills locality and boasts of having its own transportation facility, medical facilities and cafeteria to meet the requirements of its students. Infrastructure wise and this has been among finest school in India.


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5. Jubilee Hills Public School

Digital Learning has awarded this school as Hyderabad’s best school. It has several labs, including those dedicated to Chemistry, Physics, Computers and Biology. Also, the school has a canteen, a gym, e-learning and medical facilities along with NCC.

6. Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan’s Public School

It is considered to be among the most reputed and best schools in Hyderabad. Swami Ranganathanandaji had inaugurated this school in 1979.

7. Gautham Model School

Its main objective is to impart top quality education to its students in every sphere and prepare the next generation to become courageous, confident and to be capable enough to attain success.

8. Sister Nivedita School

This school’s philosophy is to make sure to create an educational environment which is child centered, while making the learning journey of every child to be a blissful one.

9. Oakridge Internatioal School, Cyberabad, Hyderabad

First School in Hyderabad authorized to International Baccalaureate Organisation. School provides to the class infrastructure facilities and has one of the finest pool of qualified and experienced teachers.

10. Sentia Global School

This school is known to have created the right environment for the children to grow and learn. It boasts of having lush natural setting, purposive curriculum, cordial atmosphere, contemporary facilities and much more.

These are our pick of Top 10 Best Schools in Hyderabad affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. Most of these schools rank high on all aspects like Sports Facility, Academic record, Infrastructure and others. Parents and Students can approach any of these Top CBSE schools for admission 2016-17.