Top 10 Best Schools In Nagpur 2017-18: Most Popular Schools Affiliated To CBSE ICSE & State Board

Are you searching for Best Schools In Nagpur for the 2017-18 session? This quick guide will help every parent and students to find most suitable CBSE, ICSE and State Board affiliated primary and high schools in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Nagpur is an important education center in Central India and ranks among fastest developing city in the country. There are many schools for Primary, High or higher secondary education in the city which provide quality education, focus child’s overall personality development and do well in extracurricular activities and sports education. Various CBSE, ICSE and State Board affiliated schools are present in Nagpur, which boasts of having well-equipped classrooms, world-class education quality, and experienced faculty. Check our Guide for Top 10 best Schools In Nagpur for 2017-18 which are affiliated to CBSE, ICSE or State Board.

Top 10 Best Schools In Nagpur 2017-18

1. Bhavan’s Bhagwandas Purohit Vidya Mandir, Civil Lines, Nagpur

It is by far the most reputed school in Nagpur and is known for academic quality. Students from this school also graduate with a good average of 84% from their board exams. The school performs well in parameters like qualified faculty and positive leadership management.

2. DPS, Nagpur

DPS, Nagpur is the second highest ranked school in the city. The school offers good all-round education: academic, co-curricular and sports. The infrastructure is also well developed and provides students with everything they need.

3. Centre Point School, Nagpur

Centre Point School ranks high in infrastructure and academic reputation, with students scoring a decent average of 78 as they graduate. Other notable features include infrastructure and value for money.

4. The Jain International School, Nagpur

The Jain International School is one of the better schools in the state of Maharashtra. This is thanks to its reliable infrastructure, the competence of faculty and quality education, both academically and in sports.

5. Central India Public School, Bhandara Road, Nagpur


While ranked 5th in the list of best schools in Nagpur, the Central India Public School performs well across some criteria. It focuses on teacher welfare and development, provides excellent education in academic and co-curricular activities and has decent infrastructure.

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6. Modern School, Nagpur

Nagpur’s Modern School’ strongest point is its infrastructure, which is comprehensive and thorough. It also educates its children well in academia. It’s a good choice if you want a solid education that is cost-effective.

7. School of Scholars, Nagpur

The School of Scholars is certainly not one of the most famous schools on this list, but it provides a satisfactory educational experience to its students. Highlights of the school include its parental involvement, infrastructure, and co-curricular education.

8. South Point School, Nagpur

Though not a part of any of the biggest education society, the South Point School is one that offers some of the best infrastructures among all schools in Nagpur. Its academic reputation is also above average. Couple that with the fact that it is a good deal financially and you’ve got a pretty good school.

9. Xavier’s School, Nagpur

This school’s best feature has to be that it does a lot of community service. Next is its general academic reputation, which extends to sports and co-curricular activities. It also offers a lot of value for money.

10. Sandipani School, Nagpur

The Sandipani School provides a lot of what some other schools don’t offer: strong training in life skills and conflict management. It also scores strongly in all three major areas of education: academic, sports and co-curricular.

Most of these schools are best for Primary, Secondary and High school education in Nagpur. Ranking of Top 10 Best Schools in Nagpur has been derived from various Educational Websites, Magazines, Feedback from Students and teachers on Online Platforms and Social Media sites, Infrastructure, Academic Result, Sports Culture, and availability and qualification of Teachers and management.
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