Top 10 Most Popular & Best Workout Songs 2017 In Hindi & English - Energetic Tracks For Gym

Searching for Best Workout Songs in Hindi and English? We have picked 10 of the most popular music numbers to play during gyming, jogging or any kind of exercise.

Music brings a whole different experience and refreshes your mind. Tune of a song can energize your or can change your mood. Music filled with high beats gives goosebumps, and rhythm motivates. It feels great to workout with songs playing in the background. Songs, which can energize you and let your mind float with your body so that you don’t get tired soon. Whenever the music is plugged in our ears, the efficiency goes up. Here’s the list of top 10 best workout songs you can include in your playlist in 2017.

Top 10 Best Workout Songs 2017

1. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor is an evergreen song to play during exercise in Gym. From lyrics to music and amazing voice, everything helps your mind get relaxed and let you focus on your workout.

2. Chammak Challo by Akon & HamsikaIyer

Confused as if which song you want to go for and it should be an English or a Hindi song? Here’s a famous Bollywood track of Akon. A light-hearted song to set your mood for the workout.

3. Lose Yourself by Eminem


“You only get one shot do not miss the chance to blow; this opportunity comes once in a lifetime.” Lyrics and the overall musical arrangement is in such a way it might make you pull up 5 kilo’s extra.

4. Hookah Bar by Himesh Reshammiya & Vineet Singh

If your workout involves dancing and shaking it off then you need to play songs with fast beats and all of the techno sounds revolving around your ears and mind, Hookah Bar was a song that took over the charts and is still doing so. It is perfect track for exercise.

5. Good Feeling by Flo Rida

We all remember how WWE used FloRida’sGood Feeling, for WrestleMania 28, the song has all of the beats one needs to be on the edge of their seats. And it indeed served the purpose for not only WWE but so many other events around the world as their cover song.

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6. HUNGRY By Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard

Hungry was another beauty created by Rob and THS, and that sure must be put in the top ten because of the way lyrics flows with beats, and you feel energized to do another set.

7. Dangal Dangal By Daler Mehndi

You can call it Bollywood’s workout anthem. Perfect Hindi song to play during workouts. Images of wrestler flow in front of you when Daler Mehndi sings Dangal Danga in high pitched amazing voice.

8. Till I Collapse by Eminem

But let’s just face it a motivational lyrical gangsta needs to be in the playlist and Till I Collapse by the Rap God, Eminem in one of the best Workout songs you can play.

9. Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti

We have all seen Rocky Balboa working out with soundtracks and looking at him as an inspiration, Gonna Fly Now is another one from the movie Rocky 1, by Bill Conti and it will make it to number nine on this list. The beats and composition of the song can definitely make you move your feet.

10. Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J

On number 10 we’d like to put Mama Said Knock You Out, it’s from the fourth album of the American rapper. If you haven’t heard the song, you can already get an idea about what it will make you do.

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