Top 10 Biggest Achievements Of ISRO - One of The Most Advanced Space Research Organizations In The World

Indian Space Research Organisation or ISRO is one of the most advanced and reputed space research organizations in the world. Below we have listed some of the biggest achievements of ISRO in last 40 Years, as of 2016.

Indians tend to take things for granted. One such area which does not get credit in spite of the all the hard work and effort that goes into is space research. In many countries, space research is considered as one of the most respected jobs. For example, NASA engineers are well respected throughout America and are among highest paid professionals in the country.

The same can be done in India. When Dr. Abdul Kalam became president of India, he narrated several stories and instances of his working life in ISRO or Indian Space Research Organization which made the name famous. Hence, we should feel grateful to these researchers to get a look at the space and find out what is actually happening out there.

In the year 1969, the ISRO was formed under the leadership of Great Dr. Vikram Sarabhai in Bangalore. Today, ISRO has more than ten centers across India. It is one of the most advanced Space Research Organisations in the world and one of the India’s Proudest Institutions.

Top 10 Biggest Achievements Of ISRO

1. India’s first indigenous satellite launch vehicle The SLV-3 was launched into space under the leadership of Dr. Abdul Kalam. You will want to know that only six space agencies have done that, including ISRO.

2. It is capable of building and designing as well as launching satellites. The Apple satellite during antenna range test was taken on the back of a bullock cart in 1981. The metallic body of a truck would affect the results they decided to use a wooden bullock cart. That’s shows how realistic and practical they are in their approach.


3. The country has Bhuvan, its own version of Google Earth. The water molecules discovered on lunar was found by Indian scientists.

4. The first and successful unmanned lunar probe were launched in November 2008 Chandrayaan-1 by ISRO.

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5. Till date, it has launched more than 50 Indian satellites and 28 foreign satellites.

6. In the year 2012, ISRO completed its 100th space mission.

7. It launched Mangalyaan, which was a Mars orbiter mission at a budget of Rs 450 crore much less than the budget of the movie Gravity. You will be glad to know that India became the first country to reach Mars in her first attempt.

8. It has also taken part in polar satellite launch of 24 consecutive successful vehicle missions. The PSLV C-34 comes with Indian 725.5 kg Cartosat-2 series satellite.

9. On 22nd June 2016, it created a record by launching 20 satellites in a single PSLV-C34 mission.

10. The discovery of three species of bacteria in the upper stratosphere is one of the biggest and most important achievements of ISRO. The bacterias were found at an altitude of 20-40 KM, and they were highly resistant to ultra-violet radiation. These bacterias are not found anywhere on Earth which leads to speculation on the origin of extraterrestrial or aliens.

Indian Scientists at ISRO works hard day and night to make amazing things happen. These 10 achievements of ISRO are only a few of many many research ISRO has done for the betterment of the Science, Technology, Society, and Country.