Top 10 Biggest Agro Companies In India 2017 - Most Popular Agriculture Based Companies

Agriculture based companies are on the rise in 2017. Latest technologies, increasing research and lots of support from central and state government are some of the reason for this positive growth. Here is the list of most popular and biggest agro companies in India as of 2017.

Agriculture plays a significant role in the Indian economy, and currently, the country is among top three farm producers in the world. It is the primary source of employment for about 50 percent of the Indian population. The complete production has intensified in the past six decades. The main agricultural products cultivated in India are tea, sugarcane, jute, seeds, oil, cotton, potatoes, rice, and wheat. Have a look at top 10 best and biggest Agro companies in India as of 2017.

Top 10 Biggest Agro Companies in India 2017

1. DuPont India

It is one of the oldest agriculture based firmly in India, introduced way back in the year 1802. Its headquarter is located in Gurgaon, Haryana and DuPont operate in almost 90 countries. This firm deals with “Argo based products.”

2. Rallies India Limited

It was established in 1815, and it is among the leading agrochemical companies. It deals with agricultural items ranging from pesticides and fertilizers to seeds and treated seed chemicals.

3. Nuziveedu Seeds Limited

It was established in 1973, and its head office is located in Hyderabad, Telangana. It offers seeds for crops like paddy, maize, and mustard, sorghum, vegetable, cotton and so on.

4. Lemken India Agro Equipment Private Limited

It was established in 2010, and its headquarters is in Nagpur, Maharashtra. It is one of the most famous producers of machinery required for plant protection, sowing, and soil cultivation.

5. Advanta Limited


Established in 1994 and its headquarters is in Hyderabad, Telangana. This firm is among globe leaders as far as grain and forges are concerned and rank among biggest agro companies in India as of 2017.

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6. Monsanto India

It is Indian supplementary of the American agriculture giant, was founded in 1901 in Missouri, USA. Its principal business is the manufacturing of seeds and pesticides. Its head office is located at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

7. Poabs Organic States

It was set up in 1889. It is a multi-crop plantation firm. It dominates the agro-based item market as far as black pepper, white pepper, tea, and coffee are concerned.

8. National Agro Industry

Established in 1970 and is located in Ludhiana, Punjab. A few remarkable items of the firm are maize shell, seed drill, paddy grain planter, crop planter and so on.

9. Godrej Agrovet Limited

It came into existence in 1990. It deals with the agro-based products. The firm is well known for offering palm oil plantation; poultry- based items, agrochemicals, animal feeds, and bird feeds.

10. Rasi Seeds

It incorporated in the agricultural seed production. It was established in 1973. Rasi seeds manufacture seeds for cotton, maize, and pearl millet.

Bottom Line

The Agriculture sector is supposed to grow at a high rate in future, and it is possible that many agriculture-based companies will see a phenomenal growth in upcoming days. As far as these ten biggest agro companies in India are concerned, we are sure that their business will see a continuous grwoth as well.