Top 10 Biggest Cities in India 2016-17 - Largest Indian City By Area Covered

Looking for Biggest Cities in India? Here is a list of largest Indian cities based on the area covered. India ranks 7th among all countries, by the area covered and having around 2% of the world’s total surface area. Being a huge country, it comprises of 9 Union Territories, 29 States and over 7,900 cities and towns. Some of these cities area way bigger than most of them, regarding both area and population. This list consists of 10 of those largest cities in India.

Top 10 Biggest Cities In India 2016-17

1. Mumbai

It is the country’s financial capital and the largest Indian city by area, covering around 4,355 km². It comprises of 2 regions, namely, Mumbai Suburban and Mumbai City. Its GDP is over $200 billion and is the country’s largest contributor.

2. Kolkata

Kolkata which is known as the City of Joy is among top 10 biggest cities in India by covering an area of 1851.41 km². It is the country’s largest riverine port, located on Hooghly River’s banks.

3. Delhi

It is the capital of India and also the 2nd most populated city in the country, with a population of over 2.5 crores. Being part of the NCR (National Capital Region), it covers an area of about 1,483 km².

4. Chennai

This city is popularly called the ‘Detroit of India’ and Tamil Nadu’s Capital. Its average altitude is 6.7 meters. It covers an area of about 1,189 km².

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5. Hyderabad


The capital of India’s newly formed 29th state is located on banks of River Musi. Its average elevation is 542 meters and covers an area of about 922 km². It is also popularly called the City of Pearls, with a GDP of over $70 billion.

6. Bangalore

It is commonly known as India’s Silicon Valley and located on Mysore Plateau. Its average elevation is 900 meters and comprises of two parts, namely, Bangalore Rural District and Bangalore Urban District. The area covered by this city is 741 km².

7. Bhopal

Popularly called as the City of Lakes is Madhya Pradesh capital. Located close to Vindhya Mountain Ranges, it is termed to be among the greenest Indian cities. Bhopal covers an area of 692.20 km² and is well known as a tourist spot.

8. Visakhapatnam

Popularly called ‘Jewel of the East Coast,’ it covers an area of 681.96 km². It is a port city and the capital of newly formed Andhra Pradesh state, with a GDP of over $25 billion.

9. Jaipur

Known as the ‘Pink City,’ it covers an area of 645 km². It is a popular tourist destination, with a GDP of over $20 billion.

10. Coimbatore

It is popularly called South India’s Manchester and an important city in Tamil Nadu. It covers an area of 642 km².

The above are the top ten biggest Cities in India based on the area they cover. Almost all of these cities are highly populated and are the major contributor to the Indian economy.