Top 10 Biggest Tyre Companies In India 2017 - Most Valuable Tyre Manufacturing Companies

Indian Tyre Industries is massive led by MRF which also ranks on top in out list of most expensive share prices in India. Take a look at 10 of the biggest tyre companies in India as of 2017.

The list includes tire manufacturers for Bicycle, Motorbikes, Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Trucks, etc. From Radial tires to Bias Tires, these 10 are biggest Tyre companies in India as of 2017, based on the market capitalization or asset value.

Top 10 Biggest Tyre Companies in India 2017

1. MRF

MRF is known as the Madras Rubber Factory, and it is a multinational Indian company which is one of the largest manufacturers of the tires. The company mainly manufactures the rubber products like tread, conveyer belts, tubes, tires, etc. It is a publicly listed company and has a total asset of more than 28767 crores.

2. JK Tyre

JK Tyre and Industries is a Tyre manufacturing company based in Delhi, India. It is a tube, automotive tires and flaps manufacturer. They are the market leader in the bus and truck radial tire segment in India. It is also a listed company with an asset value of more than 3700 crores.

3. Balkrishna

Balkrishna Industries are the Mumbai-based company, and it manufactures off-highway tires which are used in the segments like agriculture, mining, etc. They are the official tire sponsor for the monster jam till 2018. The current market value of the company is more than 13000 crores.

4. Apollo Tyres

Apollo tires is a multinational corporation which has Four manufacturing unit in India and one in Netherlands. They have almost 2500 exclusive outlets and 500 dealerships in India. They have entered in the two wheeler segment in March 2016. It is a listed company with total asset more than 4582 crores.



CEAT Tires was established in 1958 and at present, it is one of the India’s leading tire manufacturers. They have the capacity of manufacturing 95000 tires per day, and they serve in the radials tire segment for light commercial vehicles, heavy duty vehicles, tractors, cars, trailers, etc. The company has asset value more than 6700 crores.

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6. Goodyear

Goodyear tire company is an American company founded in 1898. They are the manufacturer of tires for light trucks, commercial trucks, automobiles, airplanes, earthmover equipment, etc. It is a listed company in BSE and has total asset value more than 2000 crores.

7. Krypton

Krypton Industries is an Indian based company which is one of the biggest tyre companies in India, manufacturing products like tubeless tires, P.U. sandals and commode chairs, etc. It is listed on BSE with total asset value around 45 crores.

8. PTL industries

PTL Industries was established in 1959, and it has become an associate of Apollo tyres. The Apollo tires do all the production. It has a total asset value around 300 crores.

9. TVS

TVS Srichakra is the leading company in India for the two and three wheeler tyre manufacturing. They produce almost 11 million tires annually. They are well known for the multipurpose tires, skid steer tires, vintage tyres, etc.

10. Govind rubber

Govind Rubber is a well-known name for the world-class bicycle tires and it was founded in 1964. Their motto is to create reliable and durable tires. The total asset value is around 130 crores.

Almost all of these Tyre manufacturing companies are worth Hundreds of Crores and are biggest Tyre Companies in India based on their market value.