Top 10 Blue Chip Companies In India 2017 - Most Popular & Biggest Blue Chip Stocks

Ever wondered what is a blue chip stock or blue chip company? Which are the biggest and most popular blue chip companies in India? We have made a list picking most favorite Blue Chip stocks or companies for 2017.

What Is A Blue Chip Company or Ble Chip Stock?

Companies having stable and regular earnings and not having extensive liabilities are called as “Blue Chip Companies.” The stocks of this company are known as “Blue Chip Stocks”. They are generally termed as the “safest stocks” to invest in (This is general perception and not any tip). These groups or companies are among Top Blue Chip Companies in India. Not necessarily the biggest or largest of all, but certainly quite popular ones.

Top 10 Blue Chip Companies In India 2017

1. Tata Consultancy services

TCS is the leading name in the Indian IT services and consulting. They are largest software service exporters from India. TCS is the most profitable and largest company of Tata group. With a market cap of 462000 Crore Rs. It stands number one among largest or biggest companies in India in 2017.

2. Reliance Industries

The Reliance group of industries has a pretty good name in Indian business domain. The company is involved in wide array of business like telecommunications, retail segment, and production of hydrocarbon and petrochemicals. As of March 2017, the market capitalization of Reliance Industries is Rs 423,129.38 Cr.

3. ITC

They are leading consumer goods producers in India. They have a keen hold in FMCG sector, hotels, paperboards, specialty papers, IT industries, hotels, agri-business and more. Their market capitalization is Rs 327,658.99 crore.

4. State Bank Of India


This is one of the top banks in India and operates outside the country as well. This organization provides financial related and banking related services. Market capitalization amount is Rs 2,22,000 Cr.

5. ICICI Bank

They are one amongst the biggest private banks in India. As of now, there have nearly 12589 ATM’s in India and also 4050 branches all across the country. During 2015, Asian Banker adjudged the bank as the “Best Retail Bank of India”. ICICI bank’s market cap as of March 2017 is 162,000 Crore Rs.

6. Infosys

They are the leading name in the field of technology, outsourcing and in providing consulting services. It is operated in 50 countries including India. Market capitalization amount of Infosys is Rs.234,062 Cr.

7. Sun Pharma

Sun Pharma is the leading name in the Indian pharmaceutical domain which is owned by Dilip Sanghavi, one of the richest person in India in 2017. They are established in nearly 150 markets all across the world with 30000 employees and 3000 products. Their market capitalization amount is Rs 170,805 Cr.

8. Coal India

Coal India is a well-known government organization and is the largest producer of coal in India. They produce nearly 81% of the coal production in India. The market capitalization amount of Coal India is estimated to be around Rs 183,000 Cr.

9. HDFC( Housing Development Finance Corporation)

HDFC was established during August 1994 and ever since it has been expanded to 3659 branches and 11633 ATM’s all across the country. During 2015, HDFC bank was judged as “Best managed public sector bank in India”. Its market cap stands at Rs. 363,000 Crore.

10. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

They are the biggest producer and explorer of Oil and Gas in India, owned and operated by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas of India. It also ranks 5th in Asia among Gas production companies and has a market capitalization of Rs 247,000 Cr.