Dishoom Movie Review Roundup By Top Critics In India - Bollywood Action Movie 2016

Read Dishoom Movie Review roundup by top Indian Critics. Varin Dhawan John Abraham starring Action Thriller Bollywood Film released on 29th July 2016. Film is directed by Rohit Dhawan and also stars Akshay Khanna and Jacqueline Fernandez.

Read review by popular Critics like Komal Nahta, Times Of India, Anupama Chopra, Taran Adarsh, Raja Sen, Rajeev Masand etc.

Dishoom Movie Review Roundup By Top Critics In India

Dishoom Movie Review By – 3.5/5

” Rohit Dhawan’s direction is lovely. For one, he has adopted a narrative style that is fast-paced and that suits an action-packed thriller. Secondly, his casting is very nice and he has extracted fine performances from his actors. On the whole, Dishoom will emerge victorious at the box-office. The entertainer will keep its producers, distributors and exhibitors happy.”
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Dishoom Movie Review By Times Of India – 3.5/5

” Not that there are too many nail-biters – with its careening plot, Dishoom doesn’t fulfil the promise of a taut thriller but its mad, zany moments make up with entertainment. The film evokes 1990s hits, from Main Khiladi Tu Anari to Govinda’s many friendly leers – presenting a new-age masala movie, full of choppers, chummas, cheetas, cheese-bhara lines and spicy dishooms. But as an entertainer, Dishoom delivers. If you’re good with laughter, not logic, Dishoom is actually two much fun.”
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Dishoom Movie Review By Anupama Chopra – 3/5

Dishoom Movie Review By NDTV – 2/5

” Whole lot of noise and bluster, if one discounts the stylish mounting and sparkling cinematography. The audience sits through the cacophony hoping for a genuine knockout blow to be delivered somewhere down the line. It never materialises. Dishoom doesn’t land a single half-decent punch.”
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Dishoom Movie Review By Raja Sen – 3/5

“The film is clearly aiming for laughs, and even when it gets lost along the way, blindsided by some unnecessarily elaborate action moment or by a bicepped un-actor, it still provides a fair bit of corny fun.The film’s best parts are Dhawan asking a helicopter pilot to pull over ‘side mein,’ or Satish Kaushik trolling people on the phone.If Dishoom does well, however, I do hope they’ll avoid John in the sequels — all this film needed was a cop out.”
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Dishoom Movie Review By Indian Express – 2/5

“The film as a whole. It comes alive only in bits and pieces: Akshay Kumar’s cameo, for instance, as a pouting-selfie-clicking man bun is a hoot. Some of the Abraham-Dhawan bro-time is okay too, but borrows from the ‘Men In Black’ duo Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in the way they, Kabir and Junaid, go about addressing each other, yes, K and J.”
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Dishoom Movie Review By Hindustan Times – 2.5/5

” But what makes the movie strictly average is the core idea. From Rush Hour to Central Intelligence, a number of buddy cops films have already used it. But, to give the credit where it’s due, Dishoom still entertains. The relatively short length of the movie (124 minute) helps Dishoom rise above the clichés. It’s a formula potboiler that serves the purpose of entertainment if you’re looking for some light moments.”
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Dishoom Movie Review By Bollywood Hungama – 3.5/5

“On the whole, DISHOOM has a predictable storyline. However, the engaging narrative, coupled with rich visuals and high octane action work in the favour of the film. Add to this the star power of John Abraham and Varun Dhawan which will definitely attract the youth. At the box office, the film faces no competion for next two weeks and hence it will ensure good returns to the makers.”
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Dishoom Movie Review By Gulf News – 2.5/5

“Stereotypes attached to the Middle East are brought alive in the second half of the movie as the police duo’s murky investigation leads to an ancient Arab city. Think sandy markets with dagger-wielding men in turbans, underground harems, lions in the backyards and camels roaming freely. Fortunately, those sequences are swift and the two men are back to their stylish selves in a jiffy.”
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Dishoom Movie Review By Filmibeat – 2.5/5

“If you are looking for entertainment, you can easily put this movie on your watch list. And if you are a die-hard fan of Varun, then what are you doing here? Go and book your tickets for Dishoom!”
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Dishoom Movie Review By Emirates 24/7

“Khanna brings sincerity to his role as the arch villain, and makes us wonder if the reclusive actor will make us wait another four years for his next Bollywood outing. All said and done though, ‘Dishoom’ may not pack a steady punch like ‘Sultan’ or ‘Kabali’, but it doesn’t bore at least.”
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About Film

When India’s top batsman Viraj goes missing in Middle East, two cops Kabir Shergill and Junaid Ansari from either side of Arabian Sea team for a 36-hours man hunt before the final match between India and Pakistan.