Top 10 Most Emotional Bollywood Movies Of 21st Century - Films That Will Make You Cry

Here is our pick of 10 most Emotional Bollywood Movies of the 21st century. In recent time we have witnessed some of the best Hindi films which made us cry in theaters and the list if definitely a sob-fest.

Bollywood has produced some of the fantastic movies in the 21st century. From comedy to action and Emotional they have created masterpieces over the time. Here we look at the top 10 most Emotional Bollywood Movies in recent times.

Top 10 Best Emotional Bollywood Movies In Recent Times

1. Kal Ho Naa Ho

Kal Ho Naa Ho was released in 2003 and was an immediate hit at the office. I dare you to watch this movie without tissue box! SRK was at his best in making you all emotional.

2. Tere Naam

Tere Naam was also released in 2003 and focused on pain of love and its consequences faced by victim’s family and friends. Its songs were even more emotional than the movie. Salman as a person with a mental health condition made sure that audience relates to the character’s pain and emotion.

3. Veer-Zaara

The film was released in 2004 and depicts a love story from across the border. This one is a must watch of Romantic movie lovers. The Duo of SRK and Preity makes it more epic. Film had an emotional touch after the first half, and you can feel yourself rooting for Veer.

4. Ghajini

Released in 2004, it was a love story about a highly successful businessman and his revenge for the lover. Songs of this film are just awesome, and Aamir Khan’s expressions were enough to make you cry.

5. Devdas


A masterpiece by King Khan, Devdas was based on the novel ‘Devdas,’ written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. It was released in 2002. Devdas is always considered as the finest and saddest love story.

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6. Mohabbatein

Another one of the best Emotional Bollywood movies of Shah Rukh Khan. Amitabh Bachchan starred in the film as well which was a love story of a young man. An emotional ending to the great love

7. Munna Bhai MBBS

Raju Hirani’s first masterpiece was a great combination of Emotion and Comedy. On many occasion, you can find tears in your eyes especially when Dr. Rustom’s father play carrom in the hospital.

8. Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par was released in 2007 and focused on the life of a kid who has dyslexia. Aamir made his directorial debut and his emotional touch to this beautiful drama helped him win Best Director award.

9. Barfi!

Barfi! was released in 2012. Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra starred in one of the toughest roles of their career. Film is emotional as well as comical.

10. Baghban

Baghban had a fantastic star cast. It was a story of an old couple who were separated by their kids and the hardships they suffered to get together again. It was among the best movies of 2003.

If you love to watch melodramas, emotional films then include these 10 Most Emotional Bollywood Movies in recent times in your watch list. You won’t regret watching them.
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