10 Facts About Partition Of India Pakistan - One Of The Worst Event In Human History

Partition of India Pakistan in 1947 was an unfortunate event which cost life of at least 14 Lakh People from both side. More than 2 Crore people migrated from one country to another. Pakistan was formed a new country on religious grounds while India chose to be a secular country and that’s why a big number of Muslims stayed in India instead of moving to Pakistan.

Every Indian leader including Mahatma Gandhi were against it but at the end of the day had to give up because of the violence that erupted and continuous protest of Muslim League which convinced a larger population of Muslims that a new country is the only possible solution for their better future. Read important facts about partition of India and Pakistan which may surprise you as well.

10 Facts About Partition Of India – Pakistan

1. Muslim League was founded in 1906 by Aga Khan always preferred to do politics based on Religion. They first brought the theory of Two nation in 1940 and pushed for it after Quit India Movement started in 1942.

2. Partition took place on religious grounds and Muslim League demanded that wherever Muslims are in majority should be given to Pakistan. That’s how East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and West Pakistan (Current Pakistan) was created.

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3. The partition caused the largest mass migration in human history. More than 2 Crore People left their place to shift either in Pakistan or in India.

4. The riot that took place after Partition caused more than 10 Lakh Lives and is biggest ever riot in history of the world.


5. This decision of partition came after years of dissatisfaction and non-violent resistance by Muslim League led by Mohammad Ali Jinnah. They felt Muslims need separate country, even when many top Muslim leaders and a huge population were against it.

6. Jammu and Kashmir was a princely state, ruled by King Hari Singh. They also got Independence at the same time. King of Jammu and Kashmir had not decided which side to join by August 1947. Pakistan believed that J&K; should belong to their side since it housed a large number of Muslims and tried to invade Kashmir. However, the Hindu Maharaja finally agreed to join India in October 1947 which pushed Pakistan army back but until then they occupied some part of Kashmir.
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7. After the partition, Pakistan got 1/3rd of the Indian Army, 2 out of major 6 metropolitan cities and 40% of the Indian Railways lines.

8. The man who set the boundary lines for India and Pakistan was Cyril John Radcliffe, the British lawyer and Law Lord. He had no complete knowledge about India’s geography and was given only 5 weeks time to do this task.

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9. Chittagong, with only 2 percent Muslim population went to Pakistan (now Bangladesh). While Hyderabad (Capital of Current Telangana) province decided to stay with Pakistan but later invaded by Indian Army.

10. The two tehsils of Punjab’s Gurdaspur were included in Pakistan part, as majority of people were Muslims. They were out classed by people of Pakistan and never considered them one of their own.