Top 10 Fastest Trains In India 2017 - High Speed Indian Trains

Do you know names of High-Speed Indian Trains? Here is the list of Top 10 Fastest Trains in India 2017.

Rush driving or high-speed driving on the road is a dangerous thing and should be avoided, but the journey on a high-speed train is really enjoyable, especially at night. One can come close to nature and see its beauty and also save time. Indian Railway is a vast and one of the oldest networks in the world. In recent years, they have started some fast trains on different routes. Here is the list of top 10 fastest trains in India.

Top 10 Fastest Trains In India 2016-17

1. Gatimaan Express (New Delhi to Agra)

It is India’s first semi high-speed train which runs between New Delhi to Agra & only takes 100 minutes to cover the journey of 188km. It is also the fastest train in India.

2. Shatabdi Express (New Delhi to Bhopal)

It is the 2nd fastest train which connects two biggest cities of India passing through the other major cities famous for tourism, business or pilgrimage. It is also a prestigious train which runs at the top speed of 155km/hr.

3. Rajdhani Express (Mumbai to New Delhi)

Rajdhani the most prestigious train in India which was introduced in 1969. This super-fast express train leaves New Delhi station for Howrah and covers the distance of 1448 km in 17 hrs. 25 minutes.

4.  Sealdah Duronto Express (Sealdah to New Delhi)

Among the Duronto Express trains, Sealdah New Delhi is the fastest one. In the Bengali language ‘Duronto’ means ‘restless.’ These trains are nearly as fast as Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains.

5. Kanpur Reverse Shatabdi(New Delhi to Kanpur)


It is the second Shatabdi train for Kanpur; the first is Lucknow Swarna Shatabdi Express. Kanpur Shatabdi follows the reverse time table of Lucknow Shatabdi, so it’s called Kanpur Reverse Shatabdi. 

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6. Howrah Rajdhani Express (New Delhi – Howrah)

It is the first Rajdhani train among 22 trains run by the Indian Railways. It travels between Howrah and New Delhi. It was introduced on March 3, 1969.It covers a distance of 1448 km within 17hours 25 minutes.

7. Howrah Duronto (New Delhi to Howrah)

It is also known as Kolkata Duronto Express and vital train between Kolkata and other national capital. It is the fastest train on Grand Chord route of Eastern Zone, after Delhi Duronto and Sealdah Rajdhani and Howrah Rajdhani. 

8. Allahabad Duronto Express (New Delhi to Allahabad)

It is one of the super-fast trains which runs between Lokmanya Tilak Terminus & Allahabad Junction. It started giving service from 9th Feb 2010. This Duronto covers the distance of 634 km in 7 hours 30 minutes.

9. Sealdah Rajdhani Express (Sealdah to New Delhi)

It is the 2nd fastest train after Sealdah New Delhi Duronto express on this route. A high-speed WAP7 locomotive regularly hauls this express train.

10. GaribRath (Nizamuddin to Bandra)

It is the fastest express train in the Garib Rath category which runs 81.15km/hr, between Hazrat Nizamuddin to Bandra.

These ten trains are fastest Trains in India as of 2016-17. Apart from Rajdhani and Shatabdi, Duranto also featured on this list more than once. Those who has not traveled in Duranto may find it surprising, but in reality, it is among fastest Indian trains.
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