Top 10 High Paying Part Time Jobs 2017 That Are Popular All Over The World

Searching for high paying part time jobs in 2017 in India or all over the world? As a freelancer or part-time employee working for yourself can earn you a lot of money

Regardless of whether you want to pay off a huge debt or improve your monthly earnings, there are several ways to make some extra bucks! While searching for best career options or even while doing your day job, you can and you should opt for some part time work. Over the past few years, more people have ventured into part-time jobs. These jobs help them pull in cash without exerting lots of effort or thought. With this being said, here are top 10 freelance or high paying part time jobs of 2017 you can do in India or anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, you should always focus on your long term career goal and this article guides about career guidance after 10th.

Top 10 High Paying Part Time Jobs Of 2017

1. Accountant

Do you know that many companies have freelance opportunities for accountants? In general, a freelancing accountant would make good money for every hour he/she devotes to their part-time work. This amount can increase or decrease based on the work done.

2. Management

Gone are the days when companies had huge teams for management. There are plenty of new companies with virtual management help! These companies rely on freelance management analysts. According to study in 2015, Management analysts make up to 39.10 USD per hour.

3. Multimedia

A trendy and a buddy industry for freelancers would be the Multimedia. Do you know that freelance multi media artists make lots of money every hour? They charge between 30 and 50 USD per hour. These artists are expected to flaunt their designer skills and creative abilities in these projects.

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4. Blogging

A popular part time job would be writing or blogging. The number of freelance bloggers has increased drastically over the past few years. On an average, writers and bloggers make up to 28.72 USD per hour. They are expected to cover a predetermined number of words or pages every day.

5. Healthcare


Home Healthcare Aide is another exciting part time job that pays approx 12 USD per hour in the USA. As suggested by its name, healthcare aides are expected to support patients who require care and attention. Home based healthcare assistants will visit you at your home and take care of your needs.

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6. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists make up to 40 USD per hour. These therapists specialize in domains and offer services round the clock.

7. Information Security

A challenging part time job would be information security analysis. This is a high paying freelance opportunity. Efficient security analysts are likely to make 43.33 USD per hour.

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8. Software Development

Another lucrative part time job would be software development. These developers make around 48.41 USD per hour. Doesn’t this sound too good to be true? Well, the figure is never fixed and can increase based on your competencies.

9. Delivery Truck Driver

Delivery truck drivers can make 14 USD per hour. These drivers are expected to cover a certain distance to make this money.

10. Software Testing

This is another interesting freelance opportunity. Freelance testers earn up to 40 USD per hour. You can take projects online and complete them in your free time to earn extra money.

Doing a part time job is always beneficial for your purse. These ten high paying part time jobs of 2017 will certainly help you make extra money. Share this list with your friends in India and abroad alike.