How To Check Copied Content Online? Top 10 Sites To Check Plagiarism

Do you know how to check copied content? Here is the list of 10 most popular sites and tools which can be used to find out the original and unoriginal sentences of an article.

It is very important for every writer to be aware of plagiarism, especially if he wants to sound genuine. Be it an essay for the college, official release or any other content writing job, there is a need for you to maintain originality in your work. You should ensure that what your article is original. This way, you can avoid copying contents from others and ending up facing a lawsuit. If you wonder how to check copied content, then here is the list of sites which help you to find how much content is unoriginal.

How To Check Copied Content? List Of Top 10 Sites

1. (Paid/Free)

You can use this tool for free. However, for more details and accurate results, you have to purchase this tool’s premium version, which is just 5 cents/page. Copyscape is the most popular site in this category.

2. (Paid/Free Trial)

You can use for checking your content’s grammar as well as originality. You would have to register for 7-day free trial and later subscribe to one of its paid version. It offers accurate results and we use it for this site.

3. (Paid)

It charges low fee, $7.95/paper check. It is useful for college or university students offering accurate results and a comprehensive plagiarism checker.

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4. (Paid)

You have to purchase the tool first before using it. The paid account is called ‘Plag Points’, allowing you to analyze fraction or 100 words of a document.

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5. (Paid)


It is a wonderful online copy checker that is aimed at teaching professionals, meant for institutions eager to have an open account in the school’s name. Its motto is to motivate students and avoid plagiarism.

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6. (Free)

It is a free site for checking plagiarism. However, it asks for donation, in case, you like its service.

7. (Free)

It offers free download for identifying plagiarism and is considered to be a good one to be used by everyone.

8. (Free)

This site is considered to be pretty accurate and quite detailed in its results, which are quick. It is simple to view and has nice interface. The results can be saved, printed or new project inserted by having the box cleared.

9. (Free)

This site comes with both free and paid version. But, it does take some time to complete the checking.

10. (Free)

It is a free plagiarism tool that allows you to have the content cut and paste into the box, while selecting various search engines for running the check.

Bottom Line

When it comes to checking your content for plagiarism, you can select any of the above tool, after doing a research on them. Now next time when someone ask you about how to check copied content then share this list with them.