How To Register A Company In India 2017 - 10 Steps You Need To Follow

Do you wish to start your own company in India in 2017? If yes, you should follow these ten important steps to register a company in India. These steps will help you register a fully functional company in the country.

How To Register A Company In India in 2017 – 10 Steps

1. DIN

First of all, you should get hold of a Director Identification Number alias DIN. You can receive this number by filling the DIN-1 form. Initially, you will be given a temporary DIN. This temporary number has to be printed, signed and forwarded to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

2. MCA 21

Next, you should get hold of a digital signature certificate. This will let you use the country’s latest electronic registration methods. To complete this step, the Director of Company has to submit an application form with residence and identity proof.

3. ROC


You should cache the firm’s name with Registrar of Companies alias ROC. Form No 1A has to be submitted with the signature of one of the company’s official promoters. You can propose six different names.

4. Seal

The company’s credentials should be sealed at the State Treasury or in a private bank. Appeal for stamping involves many certificates like the Memorandum & Articles of Association, Form-1 and unsigned copies of Articles of Association.

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5. Certificates

To get the Certificate of Incorporation, you should fill several forms and attach copies of agreement for all the original founders. The certificate of incorporation has to be received from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

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6. Sealing!

Making a seal for the company is not a legal obligation. But, you should have a seal while sharing and delivering company certificates.

7. PAN

Your business requires a permanent account number alias PAN. The PAN number has to be issued by a certified franchise or an agent who was assigned by the National Securities Depository. The PAN number is necessary for processing taxes.

8. TAN

The company should have a Tax Account Number alias TAN. This number is required to abstract all sources from the Assessing Office of the Income Tax Department. This number is needed while gathering and deducting company taxes.

9. Enrollment

The company has to enroll with the Office of Shops, Establishments, and Inspector Act. They must register the employer’s and manager’s name during the registration.

10. GST

The company has to enroll for Goods and Services Tax which will roll out any time after April 2017. This can be done online by visiting

These are 10 most important steps to follow if you want to register a company in India in 2017. In last few years, India has improved its ranking in eas-of-doing-business and most of the process has been made online to make company registration a hassle free job.