Top 10 Incidents Of Ball Tampering In Cricket - Most Popular Players Involved In Ball Tampering

Ball tampering in Cricket is considered as a very serious offence. It is kind of interesting to note that ball tampering is a plagued issue in this ball game. By definition, ball tampering is when the bowler mishandles the ball to suit the game’s needs to make ball swing unnaturally. Here are instances where famous cricketers were found guilty of ball tampering in Cricket during International matches.

10 Notable Incidents Of Ball Tampering In Cricket

1. Waqar Younis

Waqar Younis was caught ball tampering in 2002. A magnifying camera figured out that Waqar was fiddling with the ball’s seam. ItThis ended up in a huge controversy that ruined the bowler’s overall reputation.

2. Shahid Afridi

The list of ball tampering incidents will remain incomplete without Afridi’s case. In his game, Afridi bit the ball before bowling. The player flatly denied this. He claimed that he was just hungry! Unfortunately, the incident and Afridi’s statements created a huge uproar.

3. Faf du Plessis

Faf du Plessis was found guilty in a Test match. He used mint saliva to make sure the ball kept shining. This is not considered as a good move by the real pundits of the game!

4. Pakistan Team

In 2006, an entire team was accused of ball tampering. Umpires declared that the whole Pakistan team indulged in serious ball tampering. Thus, five penalty runs were added to the opposition’s score. The players threatened referees that they would walk out of the game. Thankfully, the actual game continued without any interruptions.

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5. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar was found guilty of ball tampering during an India tour of South Africa in 2001. Tendulkar was suspended along with six other players. Videos claim that Tendulkar was messing around with the ball’s seam. The ban was later overturned when ICC and Match referee failed to prove their case.

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6. John Lever


John Lever’s ball tampering incident is well known as the “Vaseline Incident.” He was accused of rubbing Vaseline on the ball to extract a better swing. Traces of Vaseline were found on the ball. However, the entire incident was quietly forgotten.

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7. Rahul Dravid

A name that no one could ever dream of finding on this list would be Rahul Dravid. It was alleged that the player used a half-eaten lozenge to give the ball extra shine during an India tour of Zimbabwe in 2005.

8. Marcus Trescothick

Marcus Trescothick was accused of ball tampering during The Ashes 2005. His devastating reverse swing was a primary reason behind the team’s win! Unfortunately, the swing was a result of lots of polish and a little bit of spit.

9. Micheal Atherton

Micheal Atherton was caught in 1994. His ball tampering case was also known as the dirt in the pocket affair. The incident happened during a test match that was played against South Africa.

10. Peter Siddle

Peter Siddle played with the seam of the ball during a game against Sri Lanka in 2012. The issue happened during their first test match.

Bottom Line

Ball Tampering in Cricket is an unpardonable offense which results in ban most of the time. In last few years, there haven’t been many such incidents which are a good news for Cricket overall. It is a gentleman’s game and should be played with all positive spirits.