Top 10 Interesting Alcohol Facts That May Surprise You - Crazy Things You Should Know About Wine Whiskey Beer

Do you know that Women absorb alcohol into the bloodstream faster and metabolize it slower than men? Yes, there are many interesting alcohol facts that you may not know and we have collected 10 of the best ones. Read some of the most bizarre, crazy and amazing facts about Wine, Whiskey, Beer and other drinks.

When you are planning to choose a perfect drink for your family get together or dinner date, there are several things you should keep in mind. Alcoholic beverages from different parts of the world signify many things. No two beverages can be the same or give you a similar feeling. With this being said, here are top 10 crazy and interesting alcohol facts that may surprise you.

Top 10 Interesting Alcohol Facts That May Surprise You

1. Making White Wine

Would you believe if someone told you that white wine can be prepared using red grapes? There is a very simple way to achieve this! All that you should do is ferment the drink without the grape’s skin. Wine gets its color from the fruit’s skin. When you ferment it without the red skin, you will get white wine.

2. Cognac

Cognac is a drink that can be prepared only in the Cognac region of France. This is why the drink gets this name. Brandy is made in several, different parts of the world. However, Cognac is very different and unique.

3. A Long History

Wine has a very long history. To be more precise, it’s history begins before the wheel! Researchers claim that wine was produced during 6000 BC (whereas the invention of wheels hails back to 3500 BC).

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4. Whiskey

In the beginning, whiskey was prepared to purify aromatics and perfumes. Whiskey was first prepared 4000 years ago. No one at that time thought this perfume purifier would become man’s favorite drink.

5. Tequila


Most of the worlds’ wanted tequila brands are found in Mexico. According to regional Mexican law, tequila can be produced only in certain states. To be more precise, tequila is made only in the state of Jalisco and few other municipalities of the country.

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6. Beer from Antarctic Ice

Do you know that beer can be prepared using melted ice? Voila, doesn’t this sound interesting? In 2010, an Australian beer company made the world’s finest beer using water from melted Antarctic ice. This was a limited edition batch (only 30 bottles were made).

7. Health Concerns

Abstaining is believed to be a lot riskier than drinking! A study that was done by Charles Holahan, an Austin Psychologist proved that people who drank alcohol had lower mortality rates than those who didn’t drink at all!

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8. Feeling Warm

Alcoholic drinks may make you feel warm. However, the drink actually reduces your core body temperature. It dilates the person’s blood vessels and makes them feel warm on the surface. Unfortunately, the person is actually cold inside.

9. Doesn’t get better

Do you know that wine doesn’t get better with age? This is a proven fact. The aging of wine is governed by many factors and not just time.

10. Color of Whiskey

Whiskey is absolutely colorless in the beginning. It gets a brownish hue due to the charred oak barrels.

11. Diet Mixers

Diet Mixers and cocktails can get you sloshed at a faster rate! This is because alcohol readings can be as high as 25%.

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