10 Facts About Kashmir Issue - Reason Behind India Pakistan Conflict & Wars

Ever Wondered What is Jammu & Kashmir issue or how the conflict between India and Pakistan started? Here is all important facts which tells you exact story of Jammu & Kashmir after Independence and Partition.

10 Facts About Kashmir Issue – Why Conflict Took Place

1. J&K as Independent State

Jammu Kashmir was one of the Princely States of India during British rule. After Independence it was left up to the King of J&K to decide whether to join India or Pakistan or remain Independent. Finally Maharaja Hari Singh, after getting suggestion from his Prime Minister Ram Chandra Kak decided that Jammu & Kashmir will remain an Independent state.

2. Why Maharaja Hari Singh Decided To Remain Independent

J&K had mostly Muslim population hence Pakistan wanted it to be part of their country. But being a Princely state Jammu Kashmir had their fate in own hand. Maharaja did not want to anger majority Muslim population by joining India and at the same time he feared that Hindu and Sikhs would become vulnerable if he joins Pakistan.

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3. Pakistan Tried To Invade Kashmir

Pakistan tried to convince Maharaja Hari Singh to get merged with them but failed to persuade him. Than Pakistan tried to encourage Kashmiri Muslims to revolt against Maharaja. At the same time Pakistani establishment decided to invade Jammu & Kashmir through Pathan Tribesmen and started the process in September 2016. They also blocked supply of fuel and essential commodities to Jammu Kashmir.

4. Proposal Of J&K To Be Accessed in India

On September 19 Jammu Kashmir’s new prime minister Mehr Chand Mahajan met Pandit Nehru and Sardar Patel requesting essential supplies blocked by Pakistan. He also proposed Maharaja’s willingness to accede to India. Prime Minister Nehru Told him that the process can only start after Sheikh Abdullah will be released from prison.

5. National Conference Endorsed As J&K Became Indian State


On October 26 Maharaja Signed the Instrument of Accession to India and largest political party of J&K National Conference endorsed the accession stating India has legal and moral authority on Jammu Kashmir and people are with them as well.

6. Indian Army Entered Into Srinagar

By October 24 The rebel forces of Kashmir supported by Pakistani force invaded Western part of Kashmir and named it Azad Kashmir which we call Pak Occupied Kashmir now. On October 27 Indian Army secured Srinagar Airport while National Conference volunteers were guarding the street. Hindu Muslim and Sikhs were peacefully engaged in day to day life which left an impact on all over the world.

7. Revolt By Gilgit Province & Their Accession In Pakistan

Gilgit province was against this accession and Maharaja’s Commander Major William Brown overthrew the governor and asked Pakistan to take over the Gilgit which they did by November 16.

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8. 1948 War Of India Pakistan

From December 1947 Rebel Forces supported by Pakistani Army waged war against India and advanced towards Baramulla sector. The war lasted till end of 1948. In mid May Pakistani army officially joined the war while Indian Army with some help from National Conference volunteers held their guard and kept pushing Pakistani forces from Indian soil.

9. Jinnah Lived In Delusion While Rejecting Peace Offer

During the war Lord Mountbatten made a visit to Lahore to propose some solution in front of Jinnah. One was to let the people of J&K decide their fate or let UN conduct a referendum. Jinnah rejected both offer believing that Pakistani force will invade whole Jammu & Kashmir. After sensing defeat in war Pakistan agreed to India’s suggestion to sort this issue through UN under article 35.

10. United Nation Intervened But Failed To Provide Solution

United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP) made three visit to the Jammu & Kashmir and left the impression that India has legal claim on Jammu and Kashmir by virtue of accession of the state. Though they offered solution to maintain peace in state by asking Pakistan and Indian force to withdraw troops. India accepted the offer but Pak rejected it.


India has legal and moral claim on Jammu & Kashmir as it became a part of the country through official and legal means. Maharaja Hari Singh signed the accession endorsed by A Muslim Front and Largest Political party National Conference. The fact that Pakistan failed to create state wide revolt against India also gave the impression that people accepted the accession with India.

On the other hand Pakistan’s logic is based on the Partition agreement that Muslim majority states will be part of Pakistan. But Jammu & Kashmir was a princely state and hence they were independent to choose their side. They also claim that people of Jammu & Kashmir revolted against Indian establishment and Maharaja himself but in truth it was a small revolt that too sponsored by Pakistan.

This was complete story of Kashmir Issue which is the prime reason of India Pakistan conflict since Independence. Pakistan’s greed and obsession is the major cause of this conflict. Their claim on Jammu & Kashmir is illegal and their logic is dubious. We tried to made this article simple enough to understand and included most of the incident happened in those initial days which resulted in today’s Kashmir Conflict.