Best Quotes From Mann Ki Baat

Mann Ki Baat is an exclusive radio program addressed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He talk about national issues which matters and need public attention. From Importance of Organ donation to Safety of Girl Child and Election, he has talked about all of them. Read some of his best Quotes from Mann Ki Baat.

Best Quotes From Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat

1. On School Results
Success and failure are part of life. One who takes failure as an opportunity, avails of it to succeed.

2. On Drug Addiction
Intoxication leads us to a dark path, and destroys us completely. It faces us with severe instances of self-destruction. That’s all intoxication has to offer.

3. On Determination
There should be a will to drive oneself consistently. Then you get determined. And determination can’t be unfruitful. With dedication, you get the vigour. And then determination turns into attainment. This is why a strong will, along with persistence is equal to determination. And determination coupled with vigour is equal to attainment.

4. On Self Will
Until we decide to gear up to move ahead, we will not get mentors to guide us.

5. On Importance Of History
If you want to create history, then learn the minor details of history. It connects us with our roots. If we lose touch with our history, then we will miss out on all the possibilities of creating history.


6. On Importance of Voice of the Youth
Sometimes we do severe injustice to youngsters due to our perceptions. The older generation carries pre-conceived notions about the naivety of youngsters. However, my experience with them is different. Sometimes we learn a lot while talking to them.

7. On Ruling Government
We have the right to rule when we dutifully focus on minor issues too.

8. To Parents
If you want to talk productively with kids, then talk about big dreams. Talk about great flights and you will see a change.

9. On People’s Power
India’s one and quarter billion populace has immense power, immense potential. We need to recognise our potential. We need to understand our internal power.

10. To Students
If you want to compete, then compete with yourself. Push yourself to do better and faster. Work towards reaching greater heights. Compete to do better than before.

11. On Suggestions He Got
I Got over 55,000 Calls. One would feel there is so much negativity all around but the phone calls had so many suggestions and so many positivity.

12. On People’s Achievement
No one in the Government worked on the mars Mission, Scientist did…..Have Faith in yourself.

13. On Girl Child
To save the girl child and educate her is our social duty, cultural duty and humanitarian responsibility. We Should Honour it.

14. On Farmer
Every voice is important but the voice of Farmer is extremely Significant. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan is not a slogan for us, its our motto.

15. On Voting
Pehle Matdaan Fir Jalpaan. First Vote then Breakfast.

16. On Finding Path
Only when you are ready to walk on your own will people show you the way.

17. On Inner Strength
Remember the tiger who forgot how to roar because it was reared by Sheep. It recognized its strength. You recognize your Inner Strength.

18. On Public Opinion
When you give your opinion, it means that you are concerned with national issues and this is a strength of the nation. I welcome You.

19. Public Input From Mann Ki Baat
I Sought Inputs From you…..So many people contributed. The lakhs of letters taught me invaluable lessons. I got to know about the issues in the Government.

20. On Organ Donation
Organ donation can save valuable lives, in a way it brings immortality.What could be a bigger donation than this?

Mann Ki Baat is an innovative and inspiring program which let Indian public listen their PM on regular basis. Like and share these quotes and tell us which one inspired you most.