Top 10 Most Popular Airlines In India 2017 - Biggest Indian Aviation Companies

Do you know which Indian aviation company is considered as best? Here is the list of Top 10 most popular airlines in India 2017.

When it comes to global aviation, India is a prominent and a successful player. According to Airport Authority of India alias AAI, there are around 127 airports in the country. And, there are 1091 registered aircraft in the nation. Over the years, many private players have made aviation in India a pleasant and a comfortable one. Here are top 10 most popular airlines in India in 2017.

Top 10 Most Popular Airlines In India 2017

1. Indigo

Most Indians prefer flying Indigo. The company has revolutionized Indian air transport by bringing low-cost airlines and cheap tickets which forced other aviation companies to reduce rate as well. This can be attributed to its classy flights and low-price options. Indigo received the best low fare carrier award in 2007. Indeed, it is a great aviation company with 19 Airbuses, 120 daily departures and more than 20 destinations in its map.

2. Jet Airways

Established around 1993, Jet Airways is a prominent player in India’s aviation market. It has around 62 aircrafts and a market share of 25%! Jet Airways covers more than 50 destinations with around 300+ departures. It has pacts with many foreign airline bodies like Thai, Swiss, Lufthansa and Air Austrian Airlines. In last few years company has become one of the most popular airlines in India.

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3. Air India

Air India has a history that dates back to 1932 when it was founded by JRD Tata. This is one of the oldest aviation companies in the country. It is owned by Air India Limited, a Government of India enterprise. The company features 110 airplanes and covers 70 destinations.

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4. Spice Jet

Spice Jet is a budget-friendly airline. If you want to fly for few thousands, Spice Jet is your cup of tea! The low-cost airline features 45-5- aircraft. And, it covers several Indian and International destinations.

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5. Go Air Airlines


Just like Spice Jet, Go Air Airlines offers low price options for travelers. It was commenced in 2004. The flight features 60 daily departures and covers 11 major cities.

Traveling in an airplane is not that big a deal in India, as compared to a few years back. Low-cost Indian aviation companies are competing with each other which is beneficial for customers. These 5 aviation companies are most popular airlines in India as of 2017.