Top 10 Most Popular RJ In India 2017 - Best Radio Jockeys On FM Channels

Here is the ranking of 10 most popular RJ in India as of 2017. Favorite Radio Jockeys on Indian FM channels like 98.3,94.3, 93.5, etc.

There were times when the radio was completely written off in the country. However, channels didn’t fade away for long. They bounced back quickly and sharply, and FM channels became a huge hit once again. Traffic jams have become easier and bearable because of our favorite radio stars. With this being said, here is our pick of 10 best and most popular RJ in India for 2017.

Top 10 Most Popular RJ In India 2017

1. Naved

RJ Naved is a part of Mirchi Murga. He works for Radio Mirchi 98.3. He is Delhi’s much-loved prankster. He has a huge number of fan following across the country. Naved has a million followers on Facebook alone.

2. Raunac

RJ Raunac resembles an irritating child. He was identified as RJ of the year 2014! He is a part of “Main Baua Bol Raha Hoon.” He works for Superhits Red FM 93.5.

3. Nitin

Undeniably, RJ Nitin is one of the biggest radio jockeys in the country. He is one of the top paid radio jockeys too! He is a part of Fever 104 FM. He hosts Khurafati Nitin.

4. Malishka

The talk about best RJs in India will remain incomplete without RJ Malishka. She does Morning Number 1 in Superhits Red FM 93.5. She is famous as a radio jockey and as a small screen star.

Top 10 Most Popular FM Radio Channels In India

5. Sayani


RJ Ameen Sayani used to host Binaca Geetmala. He is identified as the granddaddy of radio jockey shows. His style is unique and never matched. Even today, Geetmala is a very famous in the History of radio entertainment.

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6 Anurag Pandey

“Picture Pandey” host RJ Anuraag Pandey is known for his interesting interviews. He reviews Bollywood movies in a unique way too! A lot of people identify Pandey as a radio superstar.

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7. Sarthak

Punjab’s number one radio station would be 94.3 My FM. The radio station is well known for its friendly guests and loud music. RJ Sarthak of 94.3 My FM is one of the country’s best radio jockeys.

8. Pritam

RJ Pritam of Superhits Red FM 93.5 is a very talented person. He was about to be a part of the reality show Bigg Boss. Currently, Pritam hosts Gyarah we do bhabhi ka show. He is very famous in Mumbai.

9. Sayema

One of the longest running shows in Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM would be Purani Jeans. Currently, RJ Sayema is the host of this show. She plays amazing retro hits and has a huge fan following.

10. Balaji

RJ Balaji is extremely famous down south. He has a strong fan base and three mobile applications after his name! He hosts “Take it Easy” in 92.7 Big FM.

Bottom Line

Radio Jockeys are the reason we could kill alone time easily with fun and entertainment. These 10 are most popular RJ in India as of 2017, hosting different shows on different FM channels.