Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels In India 2016 - Entertaining & Informative Channels

Do You Spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos? Then you should take a look at these 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels in India 2016. They have Millions of subscribers, Billions of views and updates regular videos on various topics like music, movies, trailers, informational videos, kids lessons, TV Series etc.

YouTube is one of the most prefered entertainment site all across the world. Millions of Netizens prefer to visit different YouTube Channels to seek their desired Videos in various categories or to get thoroughly entertained. Knowing some of  the biggest names can help you to select the best and favorite YouTube Channels for all kind of updates, entertainment, and latest information. These 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels in India have most number of subscribers and get millions of views.

Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels In India 2016

1. T-Series

It is considered to be the top ranked entertainment channel. Although, it joined YouTube very late only in 2011, it has been enjoying almost 11.1 million subscribers. The contents mostly are movie and music videos, getting about 9 billion views.

2. SET India

SET or Sony Entertainment Television is among the largest entertainment channels that joined YouTube in 2006. The contents revolves around ongoing shows of Sony and it boasts of having over 6.31 million subscribers

3. ChuChuTV

Chennai based Kids channel by Mint. Its 115 videos is said to have got 5.19 billion views! It is also popular globally, enjoying a daily addition of 7,000+ subscribers.

4. Eros Now

It is regarded  to be the country’s biggest movie production house and distribution company. It is subsidiary of Eros Intl. Media Ltd. It offers huge collection of movies and trailers on their official YouTube channel. It enjoys over 4.5 million subscribers.


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5. Colors TV

It launched in 2008 and since then is one of the most viewed entertainment channel in India. It’s YouTube channel is equally popular where they upload all episodes of their top serials. It has 1.77 billion views and 4.22 million subscribers which makes it One of the Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels In India.

6. Zee TV

It established its channel way back in 2005 and boasts of having a good subscriber base of about 4.1 million , with 60,300 videos enjoying being watched minimum of 5.1 billion times.

7. YRF

Yash Raj Films has about 3.32 million subscribers. Its contents are film trailers, web serials, music videos, new offering, etc. There are around 2.02 billion views on this channel.

8. Star Plus

It launched its channel in 2006 and  has about 3 million subscribers. Its core offering is the fabulous entertainment contents and 471.14 million views making it one of the biggest Indian YouTube Channel.

9. CVS 3D Rhymes

This channel is the hot favorite among children as the contents are kid focused in English and Indian languages. Although only 272 videos have been published, it has about 3 billion views and 3 million subscriber base. It is one of the highest earning YouTube Channel in India.

10. Sony Music India

The second biggest channel in the country is Sony and viewers interested in music, trailers across all languages find this channel to be their first destination. Currently, it boasts of having 1.42 billion views and 2.58 million subscribers.

The above are the top YouTube channels that are viewed by people in millions in this country.