New Chief Minister Of Tamil Nadu Panneerselvam - 10 Things You Should Know About Him

After the sudden and tragic death of J Jayalalithaa, one of the most popular politicians of India, Panneerselvam became Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 6th December 2016 for the third time. Here you can find some interesting facts and important things to read about New Chief Minister Of Tamil Nadu Panneerselvam.

10 Facts About New Chief Minister Of Tamil Nadu Panneerselvam

1. O. Panneerselvam took oath as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for the third time. First in 2001 and then in 2014, both times after Jayalalitha was sent to jail.

2. Panneerselvam was encouraged to join politics by his best friend Salvaudin from Tenali.

3. He was born on January 1951 and started the career as Tea stall owner.

4. His political career was started in 1996 when he became chairman of Periyakulam Municipality.

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5. He is Member of Legislative Assembly from Bodinayakkanur which is located in Theni district.


6. He is known as Jayalalitha’s most trusted and loyal aide.

7. He was also appointed as Leader of Opposition in 2006 after AIADMK lost the election to DMK.

8. Panneerselvam was the finance minister of Tamil Nadu when J Jayalalitha again became Chief Minister of the state after winning 2016 Assembly Election.

9. He has been a minister in every AIADMK regime since 2001 and held important portfolios like Finance, PWD, and Excise.

New Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Panneerselvam will find it hard or nearly impossible to fill the shoes of J Jayalalitha. Although he is considered as the most influential leader of AIADMK after Great Jayalalitha, but only time will tell how loyal party’s leader will remain towards him especially when there are many aides of Amma are looking to take charge of the party in Tamil Nadu.
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