Top 10 Mahatma Gandhi Controversies - Curious & Popular Rumors

Here is a list of 10 Most amazing, interesting and curious Mahatma gandhi Controversies. M.K. Gandhi or Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly called Mahatma Gandhi in the country is the father of the nation. He is known for helping the country to get out of foreign rule through nonviolence moment and is undoubtedly among the most revered of all figures Indian history. Title Mahatma which means ‘The Great Soul’ was given to him by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath tagore.

However, being a human being, he had his share of controversies, which may or may not be true. Many time Historical facts have been altered and modified and sometimes rumors alone played a great role in tarnishing image of Historical figures. Read about these Mahatma Gandhi Controversies if you are curious enough to find about them.

Top 10 Popular Mahatma Gandhi Controversies

1. Jews committing mass suicide

Gandhi in his letter to Hitler had advised him to stop war. Using compassion and kindness, he addressed Hitler as ‘Dear Friend’. Some critics found it optimistic, but something that was foolish. He believed in civil disobedience against the Fuhrer!

2. William Francis Doherty’s death

A riot on 19th November, 1921 had left the engineer Mr. Doherty blind and dead due to a riot caused by Gandhi’s supporters. When his widow met Gandhi, she was told not to give out details leading to prejudicial treatment.

3. Leaving the country to anarchy by surrendering to the invaders:

The battles of Kohima and Imphal in the Second World War, where the homeland was defended by the brave Indian soldiers against Japanese onslaught it not celebrated. He left the fate of the country to God or simply to anarchy, by calling Civil Disobedience.

4. Racial Discrimination

Gandhi during his stay in South Africa had made in public some racist remarks referring to the natives as ‘kaffir’, which is a derogatory term. This is another curious and bizarre Mahatma Gandhi Controversy which has no proof.


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5. Bambatha Rebellion

In 1906, the Zulus had protested against the imposition of tax by the British after Boer War ended, in which thousands were massacred. He is said to have coerced the British to have Indians recruited in their army against the Zulus.

6. His opinion on progress and education

Education was the major concern of discontent between Gandhi and his son, Harilal. Due to his political opinions, Gandhi did not help his children to pursue education. He also had wanted ‘unlearning’ to take place!

7. Partition of the country

According to some historians, the blame for the woes faced by the three countries lies mainly on Gandhi. It is because of the appeasing attitude and his belief of reconciling Hindus and the Muslims.

8. Treating his own son

Gandhi faced bitter quarrels with Harilal, his eldest son, who wanted to be on his own.

9. Sex life

In South Africa, between 1907 & 1909, Gandhi lived along with Kallenbach, leading to the arising of the question, was he a gay! He is also said to have slept with other women to practice self control! This is among most bizarre rumor about the great leader which made its round only through social media channels.

10. An odd husband

In his marriage, he is said to have practiced celibacy. After bearing children, he never had physical relationship with his wife and some rumor say that he mistreated her.

A great leader is always surrounded by rumors and controversies. His every move is analyzed by foes and friends. These Mahatma Gandhi controversies may or may not be true, but the fact that his never to give up attitude and freedom for everyone desire led us to the Independence will never be forgotten.