10 Most Popular Smartphone Brand In India 2016 - Best Selling Phones

Here is your list of Top 10 Most Popular Smartphone brand in India in the year 2016. These 10 Smartphone makers holds most market share in India and is very popular for their amazing features and service.

From Samsung to Budget Smartphone maker Lava, find out which 10 mobile brands lead the chart in 2016 in term of sales and popularity.

Before that some quick facts about Indian Smartphone Market

  • Android has 97% Percent market share in Indian Smartphone market. while Apple’s iOS has 2.5%.
  • Indian Smartphone Market saw growth of 23% in 2016 while Worldwide smartphone market saw a flat growth (0-5%) for first time.
  • Vivo recorded the highest growth of 759 percent in 2016
  • Chinese Smartphone companies holds 21% Market share in India

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Top 10 Most Popular Smartphone Brand In India 2016

1. Samsung

Since last few years it has been on top except for a couple of months in 2015 when Micromax topped the list. Samsung provide widest range of Android Smartphones which fits into budget of every single consumer. They also have a huge network of Dealers and Service providers making it a trustworthy brand in country.

Collection Of Best Selling Samsung Smartphones

2. Micromax

Biggest Indian Manufacturer of Smartphones and mobile phones in world. In last few quarters Micromax has tried to establish itself in other developing nations as well by launching a series of budget smartphones. Though they have made high end Android phones as well but it is their Budget Smartphones and Tablets that attracts customer.


Collection Of Best Selling Micromax Smartphones

3. Intex

Another successful maker of Smartphones from India. Intext intially manufactured Speakers and other Computer Accessories and in last few years focused its business towards manufacturing Android phones which saw a huge success in India.

Collection Of Best Selling Intex Smartphones

4. Lenovo

Lenovo is only Chinese brand in Top 5 Most Popular Smartphone Brands in India for 2016. Through its flagship brand Motorola which Lenovo acquired last year from Google it has captured a large share in Indian market. Moto G series is one of the best selling smartphone in India.

Collection Of Best Selling Motorola Smartphones

5. Lyf

Within 10 Months of its launch Lyf or Reliance Lyf became 5th most popular brand in India in Smartphone market (According to Counterpoint Research). Owned by Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail and operated along Reliance Jio the 4g Network of India by Reliance. LYF smartphones are manufactured by Chinese handset maker ZTE Corporation.

Collection Of Best Selling Lyf Smartphones

6. Xiamoi

Xiaomoi with its unique marketing technique, Latest technology and budget friendly range established itself as top smartphone in India. Despite stiff competition from top players it has find its costumer base in tier I Cities who are looking for Budget friendly smartphones with lots of feature.

Collection Of Best Selling Xiamoi Smartphones

7. Vivo

Fastest growing Smartphone brand in India. It is a Chinese manufacturer and marketing extensively in Tier I and Tier II Cities. Vivo saw a growth of 759 percent (YoY) in Q1 2016. Its two main features are Hi-Fi (High-Fidelity Sound) and Smart (Intuitive Interaction System).

Collection Of Best Selling Vivo Smartphones

8. Lava

Lava is Fourth Indian brand in this list. Though its share in Indian Market has gone down but it has enough sales to remain in top 10. In 2014 Lava introduced another brand called Xolo in partnership with Intel which provides processor for all Xolo Smartphones.

Collection Of Best Selling Lava Smartphones

9. Apple

One of the Top Two Smartphone brand in India is growing steadily in Indian Market. Its high cost is the only reason of its limited growth in India where majority of customer looks for budget friendly phones. Still Apple grew by 62 Percent in 2016.

Collection Of Best Selling Apple Smartphones

10. Oppo

Last spot in this list of Best Selling and Most Popular Smartphone brand in India goes to another Chinese maker Oppo. Company focused on smartphone users looking for best camera in their phone. They launched a phones with rich camera quality and a lot of features. Most significant among them is Oppo f1. Oppo saw a 183 percent spike in 2016.

Collection Of Best Selling Oppo Smartphones

These 10 are Best Selling and Most Popular Smartphone Brand in India for 2016. Many Small and Medium size companies are entering in this huge market, most of them are from India, China and USA. In Future it will be tough for any Smartphone Maker to hold a consistent share in Indian market as consumers will get more options in next couple of years.

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