Power Battery App Review - Features That Made It One Of The Most Installed App In Its Category

A Review of Power Battery – Batter Saver Android application developed by Lionmobi.

The battery of smartphone dries faster than you think. A regular user has no idea how they drain so quickly. Usually, we left most of the battery consuming apps open in the background, even though there is no need for that app or feature. For people like me and many others, Battery Saving apps are necessary. They are developed to help an average mind understand how battery drains up so fast and how to save the battery of their smartphone.

There are hundreds and thousands of battery saving apps available for Android phones that claim to cut down battery usage by specific percentages, thereby extending battery time. Most of these applications work on the simple idea of identifying and optimizing background applications that may be consuming battery without the user realizing it. Although that’s a simplified explanation, these apps come with numerous other features like that of allowing users to maintain profiles for optimizing battery life as per usage and more.

One such app is ‘Power Battery,’ developed by Liomobi can extend battery usage time by up to 60%. Moreover, the application also promises a faster charging time, communication of accurate information regarding remaining battery life and has an easy to use interface along with numerous other features and benefits. So, far the app has been downloaded close to 50 million times and enjoys a solid 4.5/5 rating on Google Play Store.

Power Battery – Battery Saver App Review

It Is Free To Use

Power Battery- Battery Saver is available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded by any user for FREE. Once the download and installation process is complete, it can be launched directly from the Play Store or the applications section on your phone.

Provides Estimated Remaining Battery Time

Upon launching, the app instantly provides a summary of information related to the battery of the device. It includes remaining battery percentage, time after which it will run dry, and other relevant details. The ‘remaining battery time’figure is an estimate and may differ from the value shown by the built-in feature of the phone itself.





Provides List of Most Battery Consuming Apps

The home/main page of the application contains various toggles that can be used to turn off/on the device’s most battery consuming features such as Wi-Fi, screen brightness, GPS and more. The page also contains necessary information about the battery that can be expanded for a few more valuable insights like health status, capacity, and type.


Various Power Saving Modes

On the battery saver page/screen of the app, there are two different power saving mode buttons, titled Common Save and Power Save. The former optimizes phone battery and saves power without interfering with the background or startup applications while latter cuts their usage to extend the battery time.


You can create Custom Power Saving Mode

Depending on the usage, one can opt for these two modes or go for the more tailored approach of setting up a ‘custom profile.’ Through this, users can customize power-saving modes that maximize utility in relation to battery usage. For instance, if you are planning a long night out and need to maximize the battery life, you can simply create a custom profile that turns off heavy battery draining features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.


You Can Schedule Your Power Saving Mode

There is also a scheduler that can be used to set up activation of the custom profile for a particular time or when the battery reaches a certain percentage.


Health Charge

Another feature in the app is ‘Health Charge.’ Although the description makes it sound like the feature controls the way the phone is charged, it actually only provides information on how users can best charge their device – Speed, Continuous, Trickle.


Bottom Line

All in all Power Saver is a handy application that can help you stretch the battery time on your device in a simple and convenient manner. If you are someone looking for a battery saving app, this is one definitely worth checking out.