Top 10 Richest Women In India 2016 - Wealthiest Female Industrialist Celebrities

Checked our list of Top 10 Richest Person In India? Now find out who are 10 Richest Women In India 2016. Women in the country have been participating in business for quite some time, but their numbers are low, even today. However, the good news is that this number has been increasing slowly with time. These Business Women are doing exceptionally well and have accumulated a lot of wealth and now ranked among Top 10 Richest Women In India 2016.

Top 10 Richest Women In India 2016

1. Savitri Jindal – US$ 5.1 Billion

She is among richest person in the country. Her wealth had declined to about $5.1 billion due to sliding in the shares that she holds in O.P. Jindal group of companies. She is Chairperson Emiretus of Jindal Steel & Power Limited

2. Indu Jain – 3.1 Billion USD

She is Chairman and CEO of Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd., publishing Times of India newspaper, which is by circulation, the largest daily newspaper in the world. Her net worth is about $3.1 billion. She owns ET Now and Times Now TV Channels.

3. Smita Krishna Godrej – 2.2 Billion USD

Her net worth is about $2.2 billion. She earned this much wealtfrom 1/5th share in the family assets that has helped her to make her presence in the billionaires’ list.

4. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – 1.89 Billion USD

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is a celebrity Business women and an inspirational figure. She is the Managing Director and Chairman of Biocon Ltd., a Bangalore based bio-technology firm. She has a net worth of about 1.89 Billion USD making her fourth richest women in India. At 25, she established Biocon. She has been listed as the world’s 85th most powerful woman.

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5. Leena Tewari – US$ 1.63 Billion


According to the Forbes 2015 list, she was the country’s 54th richest person and presently in the 46th position. She owns and chairs USV, a privately owned firm popular for creating drugs for cardiovascular and diabetes.

6. Vinod Gupta – 1.1 Billion USD

She is wife of late Qimat Rai Gupta, with a net worth of about $1.1 billion She is the country’s 74th richest person and 6th Richest Women in India. Qimat Rai Gupta founded Havells which is now run by his Son Anil Rai Gupta.

7. Anu Aga – 790 Million USD

She was Thermax Ltd’s Chairperson from 1996 – 2004. After retiring she started focusing on social work. She has a net worth of about 790 Million USD.

8. Shobhana Bhartia – 645 Million USD

She is the editorial director and chairperson of Hindustan Times Media Group, which is known to run a Hindi and English daily, including Mint, a business paper. She has a net worth of about $645 million.

9. Vidya Murkumbi – 490 Million USD

Her net worth is around $490 million. Along with Narendar Murkumbi, she owns Shree Renuka Sugars, in Belgaum, Karnataka. He is ranked by Forbes as the 93rd richest Indian person.

10. Kaveri Kalanithi

She is the M.D. of Sun Television Network and wife of Kalainithi Maran, the media tycoon. She was enjoying a package of about $11 million, in 2014. She is among India’s Highest Paid Top Level Executives including Directors, Presidents, CEO, MD and Chairpersons.

These are 10 most powerful and Richest Women in India owning huge amount of wealth and inspiring millions of female who are dreaming to establish company of their own.