Rustom Movie Review Roundup By Top Critics

Read Rustom Movie Review by most popular and top critics in India. Akshay Kumar Starring Bollywood Crime & Drama film released on 12 August 2016. It is directed by Dharmendra Suresh Desai.

Read review of Rustom which also stars Ileana and Esha Gupta in lead roles.

Rustom Movie Review Roundup By Top Critics

Rustom Movie Review By NDTV – 2.5/5

” Not interested in exploring the frailties that the flesh is heir to, Rustom opts for a facile and melodramatic approach to the 1959 murder case. The handsomely mounted but anodyne film plays out like a straightforward old school good-versus-evil tale in which the truly righteous are allowed a transgression or two in the face of provocation. Rustom is largely inoffensive, even passable in the main, but could have been infinitely better had the screenplay not been so utterly conventional and unimaginative.”
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Rustom Movie Review By Times Of India – 3/5

“To cut to the chase, despite its multiple flaws, Rustom can be watched for Akshay Kumar, whose action/comic brilliance often overshadows his acting prowess. He reminds you to value the honest officers who serve our country with dignity and valour. He makes you want to support the man who probably did the right thing the wrong way.”
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Rustom Movie Review By Indian Express – 1.5/5

” the naval officer may have wielded the gun that caused the fellow to die, but he is no murderer: how can Akshay the Hero be a weak killer? That really is the weakest spot of the film, despite its leading man trying hard to fill his part with star appeal. In its zeal to make Akshay’s character noble, the script papers over his human weakness”
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Rustom Movie Review By Hindustan Times – 3/5

“But not everything in Rustom is proportioned right. Lousy special effects and the language of certain characters are a few things that warp the authentic feel of the movie. Yet, somehow Rustom doesn’t falter, except when you realise the movie two and a half hours long.
Akshay Kumar ensures that you root for Rustom Pavri. After Holiday, Baby and Airlift, it’s one more step for his brand of patriotism. It’s an intriguing film for sure.”
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Rustom Movie Review By Koimoi – 3/5

“What’s Good: Akshay Kumar in Navy uniform! An entertaining yet riveting plot keeps you well-hooked to your seats.
What’s Bad: Rustom claims itself to be a work of fiction and hence glamorizes Rustom’s character overtly. His character seems too angelic.
Loo Break: In between a song would be a good time!
Watch or Not?: Yes! Rustom is recommendable for a weekend watch. It’s best if you watch this murder mystery thriller without its references to the Nanavati case.”
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Rustom Movie Review By Bollywood Hungama – 3/5

“On the whole, RUSTOM comes across as a well crafted crime thriller that meets expectations. It has its share of captivating moments as well as the loose ones. At the Box-Office, competition in the form of MOHENJO DARO will limit its potential. However, the holiday period post the weekend and positive word of mouth will prove beneficial for the movie.”
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Rustom Movie Review By India TV

“Early reviews suggest at the brilliance that the director Tinu Suresh Desai is. Viewers have really appreciated his work in which he tells the tale of an explosive topic with subtlety. Tinu has apparently done a great job in portraying the courtroom drama making this thriller a must watch.”
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Rustom Movie Review By Bollywood Life – 3/5

“Rustom is not a bad film in essence, however a little more conviction in the narrative could have made it one of the best courtroom dramas of all time. Watch it purely for Akshay Kumar or watch it if you want to know the basic skeleton of the Nanavati case (if you are too lazy to read its Wikipedia page).”
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About Film

Rustom (Akshay Kumar) is a naval officer who married Cynthia (Illeana D’Cruz) against his father’s wishes. When Rustom was away on a trip, Cynthia and Vikram (Arjan Bajwa) come close and have an affair. Rustom returns and is furious to find out about the affair. He confronts Vikram, who is killed in an ensuing scuffle. Rustom is tried for murder in court, with defence and prosecution lawyers fighting it out.