Top 10 Smartest Persons In The World 2017 - Most Intelligent Human Being On Planet

Do you know who are the smartest persons in the world who are still alive and makes guys like you and me fools. These ten man and woman are most intelligent people alive as of 2017.

There are no questions that Edison and Einstein were incredibly smart; but today, we have a new set of smart people. The need to have high IQ levels has increased significantly over the past few years. More and more people are becoming creative and innovative. With this being said, here is a quick look at smartest persons in the world who are alive as of 2017.

Top 10 Smartest Persons In the World 2017

1. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is the world’s smartest person. He has an IQ score that falls between 160 and 170. He is an astrophysicist and a pure genius. Though Hawking is facing depression and a motor disease, he has excelled in his academic career. Also known as the greatest physicist after Sir Einstein.

2. Edward Witten

Edward Witten is the next smartest person. He is known for his supersymmetry, quantum gravity, and M-theory. Do these terms sound Greek to you? Well, he has contributed extensively to these fields. He is a brilliant physicist of this generation. Witten has received many prestigious awards like the Nemmers Prize in Mathematics, Albert Einstein Medal, and Dirac Prize.

3. Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is recognized as the father of modern linguistics. He is a political observer, scientist, and philosopher. Chomsky has authored more than 100 books. He was the first person to introduce artificial intelligence into music theories. Indeed, Chomsky has revolutionized almost everything that came in his way.

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4. Manahel Thabet

With an IQ score of 168, Manahel Thabet is another great scientist. Thabet hails from Yemeni and works as an economist. She is the only Arab to receive this distinction. Thabet has won numerous awards, including the prestigious United Nation’s Humanitarian Award.

5. Judit Polgar


With an IQ figure of 170, Judit Polgar is the world’s finest chess player. She became a champion at a young age of 11. She was raised by her dear dad as a unique project. He believes that geniuses cannot be made, they are born!

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6. Andrew Wiles

Andrew Wiles is an award winning Mathematician. He is famous for proving Fermat’s last theorem. According to Guinness Records, it was one of the world’s most challenging mathematical problems. He solved a theorem that was 358 years old.

7. Grigori Perelman

Grigori Perelman is another very smart person. He made landmark contributions in the world of Mathematics and left it all! He was awarded the Fields Medal, which he declined boldly.

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8. John Sununu

John Sununu has an IQ score of 180. He is a prominent member of the Mega Society that brings together people with high IQs.

9. Ruth Lawrence

Ruth Lawrence is a child prodigy, who made headlines in the year 1985. He got a Bachelor’s degree from the Oxford University when he was 13 years.

10. Christopher Hirata

With a verified IQ of 225, this American astrophysicist and cosmologist started working at NASA when he was 16! He was responsible for exploring and colonizing Mars. When he was 22, he received the Ph.D. from the Princeton.

These ten people definitely belong to any list of the smartest persons in the world. They are intelligent than most of the human beings on this planet. Do you think we missed any legendary and intelligent people in this list? Share those name with us on