Sonakshi Sinha Starring Akira Movie Review Roundup By Top Critics In India

Read Sonakshi Sinha starring Akira Movie Review Roundup By Top Critics in India. This Action Drama film Film released on 2nd September 2016 and also stars Anurag Kashyap and Konkona Sen Sharma in lead roles. It is a remake of Tamil film Mouna Guru and directed by AR Murugadoss.

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Sonakshi Sinha Starring Akira Movie Review Roundup

Akira Movie Review By NDTV – 2.5/5

“Akira is no breakthrough for women power in Hindi cinema. The heroine is actually only a female version of the swaggering supermen played on the big screen by the likes of Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. She might be far daintier and slighter built, but there is absolutely nothing that is beyond her. She suffers a lot on account of her courage, but her invincibility is never in doubt. And that robs the film of any real possibility of springing any real surprises. The film certainly has its moments, and Sonakshi does her career no harm by revealing a new facet of herself, but Akira isn’t blockbuster material.”
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Akira Movie Review By Times Of India 2.5/5

” Our screen ki Akira is Khan, Kumar and Kapoor rolled into one. Murugadoss (Ghajini, Holiday — A Soldier Is Never Off Duty), you can see, started with honourable intentions of trying to impart self-defence lessons to girls. But besides that one noble thought, he couldn’t manage a cohesive plot. His cops-and-Akira chase runs out of steam much too early in the film. Post interval, things get so convoluted, you want to kick and punch.”
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Akira Movie Review By Rajeev Masand – 2/5

” Akira, directed by AR Murgadoss is no Kill Bill. In fact, it’s like a Sunny Deol film from the 90s except that it fails to connect emotionally, and the social commentary is lost amidst all the over-plotting. Kashyap’s performance, in fact, may be the best thing in Akira, which is no doubt a brave attempt to recast the mould. But built on a weak script that’s sorely lacking in subtlety and nuance, the film is ultimately a bore. I’m going with a generous two out of five.”
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Akira Movie Review By Rediff – 2/5

” Mostly though it’s a done-to-death script of misunderstood outrage versus malicious authority wherein the central protagonist saddled by a history of violence is needlessly dragged inside a greedy cop’s mess. Sonakshi moves, feels and looks the part that’s all but empty heft in a script so extraordinarily dated and bereft of punch. Between mandatory scenes of Akira’s torture and onslaught, Anurag Kashyap holds fort as the revolting ACP Rane”
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Akira Movie Review By Bollywood Hungama – 2/5

” Despite the film taking off to a flying start in its convincing first half, A.R. Murugadoss starts struggling with the film at regular intervals, courtesy a weak screenplay. AKIRA’s second half tremendously slows down the proceedings of the film. While the film’s tagline screamed ‘No one will be forgiven’, one is bound to expect oodles of action galore and adrenaline rush. With the film offering none of the two, the audiences are bound to feel cheated by the time the films ends. On the whole, AKIRA has an interesting concept which fails on the account of its slack screenplay and lack of entertainment value. At the Box-Office, it will be rejected and will entail losses to its investors.”
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Akira Movie Review By Koimoi – 3/5

” Akira is an entertainer. It will surely manage to get you intrigued right from the start. But there’s too many theatrics to sit through here. Plus, the script as well as the acting performance are not strong enough to make you invested in the lead character, Akira. This film is a good one-time watch, but like we said, if you’re tired of clichéd situations and unneeded drama, you can skip this one. As an overall film for the masses, it deserves 3 out of 5 stars.”
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Akira Movie Review By Anupama Chopra – 2.5/5

Akira Movie Review By Indian Express

“Murugadoss loves fancy twists in his films, the more improbable the better. If you remember Aamir Khan’s Ghajini or Akshay Kumar’s Holiday, you know exactly what we mean. If you can suspend disbelief and buy everything that Sonakshi and Murugadoss offer you, the actioner is your thing.”
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Akira Movie Review By – 2/5

“Don’t get me wrong. The film was gripping in the first half. There is nothing sexier than a woman kicking some serious butts, but it slips into Singham mode way too easily and way too quickly. You applaud the fight sequences for the first time, cheer for her the second time, get bored soon and feel like kuch bhi dot com towards the end of it.”
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Akira Movie Review By Gulfnews – 3.5/5

“This thriller is a good example of actors doing their job, instead of letting stars and their familiar routines dominate. Despite a few hitches and ridiculous twists, Akira makes for an engaging watch. Some may also have an issue with the way the film tackles mental health, but if you see the big picture the viewers aren’t scarred by the film. Both Sinha and Kashyap keep the film’s momentum going with their arresting screen presence.”
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About Akira Movie

A gripping action thriller about a college girl Akira, who has grown up with the ideals of being self reliant. Her life spirals out of control when she becomes unwittingly involved in a crime involving four corrupt police officers.