Top 10 Wheat Producing States In India - States With Highest Production Of Wheat As Of 2016-17

Do you know which Indian state tops in the list of Highest Wheat production as of 2016-17? Here is the ranking of Top 10 Wheat Producing States in India.

One of the staple cereal crop produced in the country is wheat, occupying around 29.8 million hectares. India ranks in the second position when it comes to global wheat production. This rabi crop is grown mainly between September – December and gets harvested between February – May. Here is a list of Top 10 Wheat Producing States in India.

Top 10 Wheat Producing States In India 2016-17

1. Uttar Pradesh

It is the country’s leading player and contributes about 34% share of the total wheat production. This crop is grown in over 96 lakh hectares of land, mainly in Eastern, Western and Northern part of Uttar Pradesh. The total output is about 300.010 lakh metric tons.

2. Punjab

Around 35 lakh hectares produces wheat and accounts over 18% of the total wheat production in the country. The variety grown here is of Triticum durum and Triticum aestivum. Total production is about 164.720 lakh metric tons.

3. Haryana

It produces over 116.30 lakh metric tons annually. Over 25 lakh hectares of land is used for growing wheat. This state also en joys the highest productivity of wheat of over 4 tons/hectare. The main species grown here is Triticum aestivum.

4. Madhya Pradesh

It accounts for over 8.5% of the country’s wheat production. Durum and Sharbat are the poplar varieties grown here. The total output is about 76.271 lakh metric tons.

5. Rajasthan


This region boasts of contributing about 8% of the total production in the country, with around 72.145 lakh metric tons. Over 24 lakh hectares of land are used for wheat cultivation.

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6. Bihar

This state produces about 40.976 lakh metric tons. Wheat is grown in more than 21 lakh hectares. The yield here is of 1,900 kg/hectare.

7. Gujarat

It accounts for over 4% of the total wheat produced and covers over 12 lakh hectares. The wheat productivity here is about 3 tons / hectare, with Triticum aestivum being the main species. The total production is about 40.195 lakh metric tons.

8. Maharashtra

The species produced here is Triticum dicoccum, in the river valleys of Tapi, Krishna and Godavari. Land occupied for wheat cultivation is about 20 lakh hectares, accounting for about 4.5% of the country’s contribution. The total production is about 23.010 lakh metric tonnes.

9. Uttarakhand

Every year, this state produces over 8.780 lakh metric tons and occupies over 3.7 hectares of land for wheat production.

10. West Bengal

Having a total productivity of over 8.744 lakh metric ton, it boasts of having wheat productivity of about 2700 kg / hectare and occupies 3 lakh hectares for its production.

This list shows why India ranks second in world when it comes to producing wheat. Economy of many Indian states depends on agriculture and wheat is one of the most common crop to harvest. These Indian states are Top Wheat Producing states in the country with a major share of total capacity of what India needs.